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MMA Draft University is Proud to bring you the latest and greatest MMA App in the world. Former WEC Champ and UFC Top Contender Urijah Faber along with Four-time NCAA Division I All-American and National Champ Phil Davis break down some of MMA’s most coveted moves and techniques.
Urijah and Phil take years of training at Ultimate Fitness in Sacramento, CA and Alliance Gym in San Diego, CA and break it down into specific Disciplines.

There are 6 Disciplines and over a 100 single clips available for purchase:
MMA KNOWLEDGE:- Phil and Urijah along with the help of Longtime Promoter Scott Bowler help explain the dos and don’ts of amateur MMA.
They answer the common questions like “How do I get started” and “General MMA Knowledge”. They also get into deeper topics such as “How do I prepare for Higher Level Competition” and “How to Market Yourself”. Each topic plays a specific and key role in a young fighters road to being a pro and is great tool for any fighter starting this journey.
WRESTLING:- Urijah has long been known for his wrestling, often taking the Wrestling Coach role on at Team Alpha Male. The knowledge and pedigree in Team Alpha Male’s workout room consists of top wrestlers from all over the nation like MMA standouts Chad Mendes, Danny Castillo, Lance Palmer and UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw. Along with NCAA 197 lb. champ Phil Davis they break down moves such as “Sag Headlock” “Arm Drag” and the always reliable “Single, Double, High Crotch” They convert these wrestling techniques to make them a weapon inside the MMA cage.

JIU JITSU:- Phil Davis dives into the world of Jiu Jitsu as he explains some of his world famous moves. Most notably Phil teaches his famous “Darce Choke to Anaconda Choke” and the punishing “PHILMURA”. Urijah jumps in with his famous “Tee’d OFF Choke” along with his powerful “Rear Naked Choke”. Phil and Urijah take these moves from the mat to inside the ring and help take your jits to the next level.

Ground Work:- Both being former Division 1 wrestlers Phil and Urijah are well aware of what it takes to be successful in high intensity scrambles. They took what they learned on the Mats and applied that to create a game plan for all levels of fighters. Urijah explains things such as “Hip & Bicep Control from Butterfly” and “Approaching a Downed Opponent”. Well Phil takes on explaining things like “Using the Cage to Your Advantage” and “Double Leg Scramble Drill”.

Submission Defense:- Urijah and Phil joke around about a great offense starts with a great defense. But all jokes aside these guys take a scientific approach into perfecting the perfect submission defense. They begin with exploring things such as “Leg Lock Defense” and “Arm Bar Defense” well tackling the tougher aspects of defense such as the “Anaconda Defense” and “Darce Defense”.

Striking:- In this last Installation Urijah and Phil go over valuable striking techniques and how to incorporate earlier lessons with your striking. Urijah dives into “Striking Fundamentals” and explains just how important striking is for any level of fighter. This includes “Footwork” “Varying Strikes” and “Knees”. Learn how to deliver that powerful “1-2 Underhook” from Phil and see just how successful a “Jab to Takedown” can really be. These guys lay it all out there for you in this last installation.

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