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Children are very special human beings and therefore should be treated in same way too. In addition children learn best through fun and ways they can identify with. Therefore the mix of listening and seeing is the best ingredients to aid a child learn otherwise your efforts will bear very little fruit.


Due to the fact that innovators are privy to this fact, a special game app known as Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 was developed. This game harbors lots of advantages especially to kids of very tender ages. This app kill two birds with one stone- it both serves entertainment and educational purposes. It’s compatible with the Apple brand of devices such as the iPhone and requires iOS 5.0 operating system for installation and functioning. In addition later versions work as well.


Concept and theme:-


It has been built on a very simple concept. Young kids will be able to listen and read stories as it progresses and will also give a shot at playing. This not only enhances creative learning but it also improves cognitive ability. The Dolphin characters engage in a wide array of adventures under the water and this proves quite a thriller for young kids.


Features :-

  • It has a learning feedback capability which enables parents to gauge how well the child is coping as well as their development and performance.
  • Every stage of the game is designed to enhance the kid’s learning and recognition abilities through the various instructions.
  • The game is also designed with drawing features that gauges sensitivity, creativity, flexibility and originality.
  • It generates a report at the end of every stage so that parents can get the child’s grade.


Functionality and usability :-

This game involves crystals, sharks and pirates and the kids are tasked with the responsibility of locating outlines and silhouettes, intuition via the comparison of figures and shapes as well as puzzles and drawing. All the above exercises are meant to improve cognitive and logical thinking and concentration. What’s more, the kids can engage in this game in various languages including Japanese, English and Korean.

What makes it stand out from the rest ?

The superiority of this app when compared to other similar apps is its feedback system. Parents get a detailed report at the climax of every stage and this is very vital in analyzing the development and performance of their kids. In addition it’s divided into various stages with each stage serving a particular educational purpose.

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