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Have a great hair day..everyday! CurlMatch is a simple and innovative app that takes the confusion out of your hair product choices. It matches your unique hair type with select hair product recommendations to give you customized results at your fingertips. Save some time, save some money and take the headache out of finding the right hair products just for you.


Six Different Hair Types/Textures for ALL ethnic groups
Waves, Curls, Kinks n Coils, Straight n Naturals, Multi-Textures and Children

The CQ Test:- 
CQ stands for Curl Quotient. There are multiple factors that make up your specific hair type. Knowing your hair type and texture is the first step to finding the best products that will work for you. CurlMatch has designed a quick and easy quiz designed to boost your CQ in no time.

Texture Tiles:- 
Read more about what makes your specific texture and type unique. Click to see pictures and discover a comprehensive list of matched hair product recommendations.

Rate and Review:- 
Read the product reviews or write one of your own. Add the products to your favorite list or share them with your friends.

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