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Creepy Aliens


We are in year 2048 A.D.

Invaders are reaching the earth outer space frontier.
As member of a space team composed of elite pilots, your mission is to protect earth and defeat the creepy alien invaders.

Progress through the missions with beautiful space backgrounds to improve your level. Take control of more powerful spaceships and defeat the aliens.

Collect different spaceships in the space center.

Help us and defeat the aliens!

In mission mode you are required to complete certain missions.
In destruction missions you must destroy all the aliens invaders from space by trying to be the most accurate. At the most you will be precise in your shots at the most you will receive stars and gold at the end of mission.
There are also spaceship rescue missions that allow you to unlock new spaceships. And if you are precise you can even steal gold minerals from the aliens invaders coming from space.

In this game mode, the only objective is to destroy the aliens invaders coming from the space successively and to make the best score. Attention, in this game mode there is no pause and the aliens invaders become more powerful and more angry.

With gold gained by playing you can buy more powerful spaceships in the aerospace center. Each spaceship has a different shooting power and a different shield. At the most the shield is powerful, at the most your ship can absorb the shooting impacts of the aliens. Reach level 20 and unlock the precious and powerful “Fast Millenium” spaceship.

Creepy Aliens cool non-exhaustive features list:

# 25 missions
# 10 different aliens
# 9 spaceships to collect
# Superb space wallpapers in background
# A captivating background music
# Earn in-game currency to buy more powerful spaceships