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Creative Mind APP REVIEW


Creative Mind your digital whiteboard! Collaborate with friends, brainstorm with co-workers, use to help teach math, or write your friends messages in class. No Wi-Fi or cellular data is needed! Connect with other users in the same area, and start working together. Creative Mind brings you the future in digital painting!

Creative Mind has been built from the ground up, with OpenGL 2.0 for fast responsive drawing on your iPad or iPhone. This is a drawing app, photo editor, and Gif generator/editor all in one. It’s packed full of features for any artist or photo enthusiast.

# GIF Generator
# 18 realistic brushes with dynamic size and opacity.
# Create your own brush.
# Erase with any brush
# Unlimited undo and redo
# Auto Save so you don’t lose any work

# Lock and hide layer
# Delete, merge, duplicate layers
# Custom size canvas with support up to 4096px
# Blending (Destructive and Non-Destructive)

# Preloaded with tons of filters
# Create your own filters
# Color Balance
# Hue, Saturation, Brightness,
# Color Overlay
# Invert or Desaturate color
# Color Drop Tool
# Input RGB or HEX values
# Color Palettes

# Import images
# Add text with font, color and size controls
# Transform Tool to adjust layers
# Add shapes.
# GIF Animator from your layers.

# iCloud Drive and Airdrop enabled
# Export as a layered CreativeMind file, transparent PNG, or JPEG

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