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Code Adventures


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Take the exciting first steps in programming and delve into the world of Aurora – an utterly lovable fuzzball that needs your help to get back home.

Code Adventures is a brand new puzzle game that utilizes programming concepts as its core mechanics. Seemingly simple, the game teaches complicated concepts like procedures, loops and function overloading.

A challenging puzzle and a gentle introduction into the world of programming, Code Adventures not only teaches but entertains. The game sharpens logical and spatial thinking in a positive and loving way. Its beautiful graphics, sounds and humorous messages keep you focused and learning.

Clever puzzle elements like floating platforms, movable bridges, ladders and teleportation stones make coding great fun.

Code Adventures was designed for everyone to enjoy. From children to teens to adults. Collecting all the stars is optional and increases the challenge for the more experienced players.

A perfect gift and a great educational tool, Code Adventures is a must-have.

Immerse yourself into the colorful world of Aurora and see for yourself how easy it is to start coding!