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Snake has been reborn in this classic style snake game.
There are 2 types of Gameplay.
1:- Classic mode -> You must stay with the bounds of your screen or you will die
2:– No Walls -> This is a little easier, you can travel anywhere
There are 2 types of controls.
1:- Swipe -> Swipe the screen with your finger, up, down, left and right to control the direction of the snake
2:- Button -> You will see 4 arrows on the screen, touch the arrows to move the snake in that direction
You can choose the control types in the settings menu.
Collect apples to feed the snake and make him grow as long as possible. Don’t let the head touch the body or you will die.
Snake Reborn Features Gamecenter leaderboards for both gameplay types.

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8Bit Pong is a modernized take on the classic game, Pong. This game is a lot of fun as you battle the Computer for the win. This game will also be constantly updated with new and improved features!

Leave a review with how I should update it.

The green ball not showing up glitch is currently being fixed!

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