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Our Lullabytes Concert soothes your baby to sleep with music specially arranged and performed for wee ears, while tracking sleep patterns with a full-featured diary.

Twelve classical lullabies have been carefully crafted to appeal to babies, and sequenced to wind down in musical energy level. The 25-minute concert opens with Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11, and ends with a delicate rendition of Brahms’ Lullaby. While drifting off to sleep, your baby is exposed to some of the most beautiful and timeless melodies ever composed.

The concert was arranged and performed by the same team that received four RIAA-certified Gold Albums for its work on the Baby Einstein™ music library.


Many babies sleep best in the presence of constant noise. After all, the womb is an extremely loud place, akin to the sound of someone vacuuming just 10 feet from you at all times!

A collection of eight soundscapes can be added to Lullabytes to mask unwanted background noise and provide a soothing backdrop that helps baby (and you) sleep. Nature sounds include a summer night, soft rain, a babbling brook and rolling surf. White-noise sounds include a clothes dryer, ceiling fan, table fan and vacuum cleaner.


The Sleep Keeper™ might save you a trip into baby’s room in the middle of the night. This feature detects crying, and restarts the soundscape or replays the softest music tracks to help your baby drift back to sleep.

Lullabytes’ Sleep Diary™ works like a stopwatch, recording the duration of overnight sleep and naps, and logging the times for review. You can tag sleep sessions with factors such as teething or illness, and manually add or edit diary entries. The diary also compares your baby’s total sleep with the recommended daily amount for babies of comparable age. Sleep sessions are presented in easy-to-read charts you can share.

=>Designed for children 0 to 36 months (and parents of all ages)
=>One-button start
=>One-touch flashlight (iPhone only)
=>Original performances of 12 classical lullabies
=>Optional nature sounds and white-noise sounds as an in-app purchase
=>Historical information about each lullaby
=>Song list lets you browse and play individual lullabies from the concert
=>Works with AirPlay for transmission to wireless speakers or Apple TV
=>Parent-controlled timer that records sleep sessions
=>Ability to add tags and notes to Sleep Diary entries
=>Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS sharing from Sleep Diary
=>Personalized sleep-pattern charts that include expert recommendations
=>Cry-activated music play with customizable delay
=>Parent Center with Quick Start guide, Parenting Tips and Song List player.

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