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Get your child excited about learning the multiplication (times) table!
Kids and Adults will master multiplication (times) table in NO TIME while playing this amazing game:

# Features Unique Multiplication (Times) Table Game
# Three Different Levels of Play with Increasing Difficulty
# Hints for Beginners
# Memorize Multiplication Table
# Recall Math Facts Quickly

The multiplication is the most FUNDAMENTAL foundations of mathematics.
Learn the multiplication table in the funnest way possible and then test your skills against the best.
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this game has the right level for you.
Cross the Multiplication Sea going from one island to another as fast as you can!
Solve the problem and press on the island with correct answer in the highlighted row.
Chose the Rookie Pilot level if you want to practice a particular number. Then, once you have all of the Numbers down cold, advance to the Pro Pilot level and test your knowledge.
Once you become an expert – try your luck on the “Ace Pilot” level, but be warned – this level is reserved for the best!
Brag to your family and friends about your newly acquired multiplication skills!

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