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With the CityInformation App you’ll always have all the information you need about your city or town within reach. The local news, the weather, the best events, public transport information, the local radio and so much more; all in one App!

You can easily find cinema times and programmes for your local theatre or concert venues, and you can use the App to order tickets in just a few clicks! Catch up on the latest (sports)news or get tickets for their next match. Book a table in your favorite restaurant or order takeaway from the comfort of your home or hotel room! Also, check the best deals in town and use the convenient map function to get to your destination.
You can also check the status of flight departures and arrivals at your local airport and you can use the App to check the latest traffic alerts in town.

The best part is that you have access to a worldwide network of over 1000 cities, all from within your own CityInformation App. Just tap the city name in the homescreen or use the menu to switch to a different city and get access to all the information you need!

So if you are looking for an App that has it all, download the free CityInformation App now and stay up to date with the best information on all your favorite destinations!

CityInformation: Your cities in one App!

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