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Take the plunge in Zombie High Dive where the dead get gory for glory.

This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Hubo’s got a good head on his shoulders but can he keep it intact?
Execute your dives with the grace of a rotting corpse and try to land with all of your limbs still attached.

Train with Master Zom-lee and practice your spins in Daily and Friend Dives before taking on the big leagues. Your undead competitors talk a good game but don’t lose your head (or brains)! You’ll have to impress the judges with your technique and if you want to make a splash in the Zombie High Dive Cup.

# Leap, spin, and land your daring dives to impress the judges
# Pick-up-and-play. No brains required!
# Tons of leagues and competition. Dive right in!
# Destroy your environment in Boss Battle mode. HUBO SMASH!
# Compete in weekly diving competitions with your friends for cool bonuses
# Earn prizes each day you play in the Daily Dive

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Take to the slopes, ice-rinks, and snow in this winter sports-themed edition of Flick Champions. Choose a nation to represent in seven winter sports including Slalom, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey and more.

This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Pick a country and lead them to victory. Master the art of flicking to win the gold trophy in 18 challenging cup events. Alternatively, create your own Olympic playlists in Champ mode.

Try your fingers at eight chilly events including Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling Snowball fight, Biathlon and Sledges.

Earn experience as you play and unlock up to 30 items such as a speed boosts, perfect finishes and more.

# Eight sports to play; Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling, Snowball Fight, Biathlon, Sledges.
# Choose your nation and go for gold in 18 cups.
# Prove yourself each day with Daily Challenges.
# Give those fingers a work out with flick and swipe controls.
# Universal; plays great on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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