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Mira’s Birthday Story


In today’s time every kid loves to read kids stories in the mobile. For this purpose, there are different applications too. One of the apps is Mira’s Birthday Story which I’m going to introduce you here. This app not only provides enjoyment but also helps in sharpening the logical skills of a child. It is actually a bunch of all edutainment mini-games which provide enjoyment and fun.

Key Features of this app:

  • Learning Mode: You can point to an object within the scene. The kid will get to learn when hearing the spelling.
  • Interactive Scenes: All the scenes will help you to sharpen the child’s logic and motor skills. The activities include cleaning of the bedroom, without hitting the sidewalk drive the bus & follow the recipe.
  • Music: Original music played by a professional musician. Readers will have random variations in background music. They have enlisted miles Jay for the music.
  • Multi-language: It is available in French, Arabic & English.
  • Realistic Graphics: There are realistic features and graphics in this application.
  • Colorful graphics: The game is having colorful graphics looks like a painting of pencil color.

What is all about Mira’s Birthday Story?

Mira is the name of the girl character and she is super excited about her birthday. The main concept is to find what will her friends & mother remembers her birthday? Your child needs to do different tasks and this will help your child in learning something new. With fun, it will help your child in improving skills.

Last words:

Mira’s Birthday Story is kid’s story app that provides interactive children’s stories. It’s actually a cute and learning application. Good learning platform for kids. Download the game and find out how Mira will get surprised on her Birthday. It is safe and suitable for all age group kids.

Mira’s Birthday Story