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Sudoku: the tradition of number game has been preserved in the modern-day Apps. The Addictive and Interesting Game Puzzle was played for the first time in the 19th century when it made its appearance in the Newspapers.

The main theme of the game is to keep the numbers Repeated only Once in the particular cell. With a redesigned interface, the app makes a comeback with some Salient Features bringing Best for its Users.


  • Gaming made simple: Sudoku, Once favorite for some of the brainy ones, is been made simple and interesting. Different levels of gaming possible with the introduction of three square set of 9×9, 4×4 and 6×6. Take help using the small square sets and learn the art of winning: a feature intended for Beginners, that is NOT a Common Feature in Many Sudoku Apps!
  • Ai helps to Play it Easy! Helps you Prevent simple Mistakes by Highlighting the Repetition of Numbers. The options of Numbers First and Cell First helps in locating the number Repeated in the cell.
  • Challenge yourself Every day: Use the option of Daily Challenge and set a limit for Yourself! Crash your record and keep Attaining new Heights resulting in a lifted Confidence.
  • Beat Time: Play the Right Moves and Kill the Target within the time limit set. Challenge YOURSELF and keep Killing Your Old Records.
  • Calcudoku: A Variant to the same theme of Sudoku: Never Repeat an already used number.
  • Battle Sudoku: Playing along is NOT fun especially when you got the moves. Play the Battle Sudoku, lock in more squares and BEAT your Opponent!
  • Register your Name in the World Ranking: Flash your name in the list of World Rankers and Add a Feather in YOUR Cap! Become the Sudoku GOD on reaching level 18th from Level 0!

Last words:

Creative and Engaging game: very helpful in keeping you Busy and Self-Engaged. Enjoy the 180 emoji stamps every day provided in the Daily Challenge Puzzles. Quite Interesting Built and Appearance made Colourful and Interactive! Feel the Gaming Contentment after Solving every puzzle and Scoring the Points. Enjoy the International Ranking Method. In short, Cool app to Play, Challenge, Relax, Feel Refreshed and Repeat!


Join millions of people and play the newest Tap 2 craze! Find out why people love Duo Pop.
EXCITING TAP-2 GAMEPLAY – Tap on 2 or more of adjoining colours to POP them. The more you pop in one tap the more bonus points you get.
4 GAME DIFFICULTIES – Start from easy, and work your way through all levels. Hard, Pro and the ultimate challenge, ELITE!
2 GAME MODES – Duo Pop offers a timed mode. Race against the clock and make as many points as you can. The more combos you make, the more time bonus and score bonus you get. In Untimed mode, there is no clock to race, but you still need to be on your game to not let the blocks reach the top.
LEADERBOARDS – Duo Pop offers players 2 types of leaderboards. In game leader board for all modes and difficulties, and also GameCenter leaderboards for all difficulties in the timed mode.

Duo Pop offers a unique, exciting and challenging experience for everyone.

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‘Splosher’ is a simple but addicting app.
(And annoyingly frustrating).
Challenge your friends via Gamecentre & Social media and see who can get the highest score
Test your reaction in single tap game with realistic physics engine.
Tap on screen to generate a ball.
Hold your phone flat and balance the ball on the screen. Your purpose is to simply get and keep as many balls onto the screen as possible, for the longest time.

SIMPLE…..or is it?

The game ends if a ball hits the edge or another ball!
The balls stay on the screen using the phones gyro.So imagine it as trying to balance a load of marbles on a floor tile. The longer you remain in the game, the more points you receive.
# Stunning Graphics
# Physics engine
# Single tap control
# Gamecentre (Challenge your friends to multiplayer)
# Share your score and challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter

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Challenge your friends and other players, or go solo in 11 addicting games!

Tap To Play is a social gaming platform where you can challenge other players to 11 different games. You can also chat with your opponents, and follow your friends in your feed.
All games can also be played in single player mode – for fun, for practice, or to compete in the Leaderboards.

Earn medals and xp, reach a higher level, and earn coins to unlock new games.


# 11 games (with more coming soon!)
# Chat with your opponents
# Find and add friends
# Random opponents
# Compete in leaderboards
# Follow your friends’ activity in the feed
# Beautiful artwork and animations
# Connect with Facebook and play against your friends


# Bird Down
The early bird catches the worm – but not if he gets shot down by a missile! Keep flapping to help Twitch stay in the air.

# Birds On A Pole
Twitch and Twinkle are just chilling on a telephone pole, but someone is attacking them – and they brought out the big guns! Help our lovebirds avoid the missiles, or they will be as dead as a dodo.

# Deck Attack
Time to lay all your cards on the table. This reaction-based card game is spades of fun!

# Dragon Fish
It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there. Help Olaf the dragonfish hunt for food – but make sure he doesn’t eat himself!

# Friggin’ Frog
Get that frog out of your throat, and help our ex-tadpole Francis reach soaring new heights.

# Jungle Glide
Join our mascotte Otto in his quest to satisfy his hunger. Glide through the jungle and collect those tasty potassium-filled bananas!

# Ribbit Rush
This game covers the entire spectrum of being a frog – jumping, eating flies, and saying ‘ribbit’. Help Francis the frog eat as many flies as possible, while avoiding the numerous obstacles.

# Seashell Shore
It’s time to come out of your shell in this color-matching game.

# Splosh
Priscilla the fish just loves to eat those yummy flies. The only problem is that they don’t live in the sea, so she has to jump out of the water to catch them.

# Squeaky Wheels
Drift your way across three different race tracks in this top-down racing game.

# Tap To Run
Hazel the Ostrich loves to run. Help her avoid the obstacles, or her luck will run out!

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Jump over 100 fence posts to complete the worm game challenge. Many will try but only the best will Succeed.

Unlock new worms as you get closer to completing the challenge.

You are a super silk worm. Tap the screen to fire your thread and swing yourself over the next post. Good Timing is the key to success, fire the thread at the precise moment and only release when you have Gained enough speed to clear the post.

Good luck,

Your challenge awaits!

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