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Job discovery and job search made easy. No more searching endless ads or digging through piles of resumes. Quickly match with the right job or candidate, delivered straight to your fingertips. Then, swiftly screen employers or job seekers with right and left swipes. Chat in-app with mutual matches. Push notifications to always keep you informed. Totally free for job seekers. Employers post and get unlimited matches for free; pricing per chat is $.99.

Additional features:
With push notifications done right, be active or passive in your search, the choice is yours. Set your notifications to Mutual Match and only be notified when someone you swipe right, swipes you right too. Or, set to ALL and be notified whenever someone swipes you right. Mutual matches can chat right in the app. No need to waste time emailing back and forth. Privacy settings to allow for covert job or candidate searching. Don’t want to show your picture? Hide it. Want to keep your current employer’s name under wraps? Hide it. And, with in-app messaging, you can keep your number and email address confidential too. We believe what you share should be up to you.

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