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Dino Car Battle is an action 3D game that provides a way to fight against cars and dinos It is a platform to experience the thrilling concept.

Action games have their own importance among youngsters. Most of the teenage guys love those games which are full of action, thrilling concept and powerful weapons. Recently Belber Natura Trading S.L. launched one mobile game “Dino Car Battle”. It’s a 3D game and it is all about a battle among dangerous dinosaurs, cars, and you.

That means you need to fight against cars and those predatory monster animals. You are all alone against them.

The game is full of action animated graphics that leave you with a realistic experience while playing. The game can be played with only one rule and i.e. kill or be killed. Your task is to drive and shoot all those cars and dinosaurs face to face. This platform will give you an experience of intense destruction. It’s a thrill of challenging everyone in the free. In this warfare, you will need a clever strategy to bring down those creatures and armed enemy cars. It is the best explosive and vivid battle for iOS.

To boost more interest, developers add different scenes like Airport, Arena, Stadium & Harbour. Players can enjoy eliminating dinos and other dangerous adversaries. Those who love cars and dinos can experience the great combination of car and dinosaur in this game. As far as if other features are considered, it is having quality visuals and advanced real physics. There are different camera angles like third person, first person and in-car view. A player can also feel the realistic driving experience in all aspects like dust, smoke, suspension, engine and physics.

The maximum speed of the car is 250km/h and backward speed is 70 km/h. There is partial auto acceleration (x5). Other than this there is a slider for music volume. While killing dino, the player must take care of Brachiosaurus as they are a good vegetarian creature. Other features include achievement option to check the achievement of player & coin shop option that let you shop.

In this game, there are no ads so you can easily play the game continuously without any interruption. There are 7 supersport cars that you can consider and 15 powerful weapons. In free of cost, you will get Audi R8 supercar. Two weapons which are Seeker gun and Railgun. There is unlimited ammunition. Arena Gladiator scene is free. Fuel, lives and ammunition are also unlimited.

So are you ready to take this challenge and want to fight against those dangerous Dinos? Remember that in this battle, you will get many enemies but keep dare in your heart to get the victory. Test your ability to drive fast supercar killing dinos and enemy cars. Good Luck!!

Download now : https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/dino-car-battle/id1172779569?mt=8