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“successfully cApping your past, present and future, with 0% accuracy.”

Want to know your family or friend’s Current Thought? Their Next Career Path? A Fun Fact about them that nobody could possibly have known? Need a somewhat amusing caption for a Group Photo? Well, that is absolutely not going to happen, but, you can have these and other completely-inaccurate, useless, mediocrely funny captions, for all of your photos…

cApp’d! features thousands of captions to make any pic, almost humorous. Take your normal boring photo, and make it not as mind-numbingly boring. Need something to do aside from staring at the wall? Give cApp’d! a shot. Or don’t. Just stare at the wall.

cApp’d! uses a photo captioning algorithm our scientists developed after recording data from 3 years of 1000 monkeys typing at 1000 typewriters. It doesn’t work.

Add a Caution or Danger Sign (among many others) to REALLY make your picture stand out from all the Facebook Bathroom Selfies.

Want to skyrocket your photography to a level that is even higher than an Instagrammed Spaghetti Dinner? Create your own ANIMATED GIF with cApp’d!s GIF maker.

Need something a bit more High-Tech than a GIF? Add a caption or sign to an actual video with cApp’d!s video option. Record a video with the multiple cut function for a slightly less boring video than you normally would have taken. So, NOW you will have THAT going for you, which is nice.

Have a great idea for a caption? Keep it to yourself. Or. You can add your own caption with the custom caption feature.

Choose from a list of Caption Categories
Random Captions
Fun Fact
Current Thought
Future Career
My Face When…
Group Captions
Clean Captions

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