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Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, and despite all of its benefits, is threatening to make communication less personable and relationships less genuine. It is becoming harder to assess which of your “friends” are truly there to support you and which are just acquaintances.

Candid Connection provides you with the opportunity to exchange honest feedback with your friends, while protecting your privacy. This provides a means for sincere communication and allows you the opportunity to gain self-awareness and transform into the kind of person you truly want to be.

Your privacy will always be our number one priority and you will only be visible on the app if you choose to download it. You can only exchange feedback (openly or anonymously) with your Facebook friends who have also signed into the app (friends-of-friends or strangers will not have access to your profile). You can also choose to make your feedback public (visible to your friends) or private (visible just to you) and you are free to deactivate your account whenever you choose.

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