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AffordIt is the very best way to keep track of your budget and expenditure in any situation. Whether you are going on holiday or just going shopping, you can use AffordIt to log every transaction so you never overspend again! Every element is designed to be as simple and powerful as possible with great features like transaction notes, global search, worldwide support, preset names and automatic value formatting.


# Keep track of transactions wherever you are as AffordIt works with almost any currency.
# Check your budget at any time with the AffordIt’s built-in Today Widget. You don’t even need to open the app.
# Sometimes you need to add some details about a transaction. That’s why AffordIt allows you to add short notes to each individual transaction (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus).
# Input new transactions quickly with automatic value formatting.
# Can’t find a transaction? Just use the search bar to quickly locate a credit or payment.
# As well as tracking your payments, you can also add credit transactions.
# Swipe across any of your transactions and you can quickly delete individual payments or credits.
# Entered a duplicate transaction? No problem. AffordIt will automatically adjust your transaction name to avoid confusion.
# If you intend to use AffordIt as a daily budget tracker, then today’s date can automatically be set as your budget’s name.
# Your budget, amount credited, spent and your current total are displayed without any excess clutter.
# If you ever forget to enter a transaction, you can adjust the date of the transaction manually.

# AffordIt remembers your budget names so if you have already entered a budget with the same name, you can quickly reuse it.
# Personalised welcome message upon opening up the app.
# AffordIt makes it easy to give your budget a name to suit a particular event.
# Dark mode is available if you feel like a visual change.

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