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Watch upcoming HD movie and game trailers on Buzzle. Vote and decide if you think it will be a hit or not. At Buzzle your vote matters as you will be among 100s of other users doing the same, which let’s you be part of creating the actual Buzz for a movie or game. No more need to write lengthy reviews, just a simple swipe will cast your vote. You can also choose tags as to what you think of a movie or a game. Browse your activity to keep track of all your favorite movies and games. Buzzle keeps you informed weekly about new movie and game releases.

# Watch tons of latest upcoming movie and video game trailers
# Have fun voting on all your movies and games either by swiping or using the thumb icons.
# Get release dates and other information for your favorite movies and games
# See how many people voted hit or how many voted miss
# View all your activity, your votes in one location
# Search for a particular movie or a game that you voted on
# Keep track of weekly movie and game releases and get notified

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