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Instant (it takes seconds!) recognition of business cards right on your iPhone. Import contact information from a business card directly to your iOS Contacts. Out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn, Salesforce and Evernote. Easy integration with other CRM systems. Featured in iPhone TV commercials.

No need to manually enter contact information — Business Card Reader provides a time- and cost-efficient way to enter and organize important contacts.

Recognizes business cards in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Business Card Reader takes a picture of a business card, ‘reads’ it using text recognition technology and automatically fills in appropriate contact information fields in iOS address book, which can be easily checked and edited.

=> Accurate recognition of business cards with multi-language support
=> Smart contact field filling: emails, phone numbers, web sites
=> Background image processing, saves time when scanning multiple cards.
=> Export to Salesforce as Contact, Lead or Account
=> Export to Evernote
=> Export as .xlsx document
=> Optional integration with existing CRM systems
=> LinkedIn support: search, contact adding, import of info and photo
=> Business Card Holder allows you to search and sort contacts, e-mail and call contacts directly
=> Anti-shake image capture


1. Place the business card on a flat surface.
2. Good lighting is key: bright desk lamp or direct sunlight are necessary.
3. Hold the device right above the card. Keep the card aligned with BCR viewfinder edges and adjust iPhone/iPad positioning so that the card fits the screen size.
4. Tap the screen to take the picture.
5. After the recognition is done, you can check the results.
6. Tap Save to add the contact into your iOS address book.

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The only business card app scanner with cloud backup and sync across multiple devices with access to cards from any browser. Works with Evernote, LinkedIn, Salesforce and other CRMs. Scan cards in seconds or submit tricky cards
for 100% accurate human transcription!

=> Keep your CRM up-to-date with direct card export to Salesforce, SugarCRM, Oracle Fusion, Daylite CRM and data.com (Jigsaw)
=> Integrated with DYMO CardScan devices
=> Evernote integration–upload card images to Evernote
=> Updates iPhone address book and Outlook contacts automatically
=> Send Linkedin invite with one touch
=> Create new contacts or merge scans with existing records
=> Create new contacts with email signatures
=> Scan both sides of card–never lose a note!
=> Scan in any direction–it detects text automatically
=> Manual transcription available for hard-to
=>read cards (2 free included, then just
$0.18 per card)

=> Assign contact to group/add new groups
=> Define custom fields
=> Add notes to each contact
=> Forward contacts to colleagues (text, image and VCard)
=> Send instant email and your VCard to new contact
=> Full calendar integration to add follow-up reminders
=> Dial/SMS contacts via Skype integration
=> WebSync backs up your cards to the cloud –never lose another contact
=> Search and sort cards with cover flow 3D view
=> Compatible with ScanBizCards Enterprise (available on the Salesforce AppExchange)

WEBSYNC FEATURES (FREE in-app registration)
=> Back up every card in the cloud
=> Access cards from any browser
=> Keep all devices synced with all your scanned cards

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CamCard is your Mobile Business Contacts. It reads and saves your business cards, and remembers everyone you meet for business. It is the perfect fit for those who have lots of business cards or who love business social networking. To start a successful business, get organize your business leads now!


Cut Card Clutter
Use CamCard to quickly & accurately read business cards and save to your phone. No more need for keeping all the paper business cards.

Exchange E-Cards
Quickly exchange e-cards with contacts on spot via QR Code or Nearby Contacts

Business Contacts Only
Save all your business contacts here in CamCard and make a standalone Contacts from your personal one. Make calls, send messages and locate company address on map.

Personal Profile
Complete your profile with personal or company information. When partners scan your card, they’ll see those contents, instead of just conventional contact information.

Keep You Posted
You will be notified with any contact updates of your business contacts. Be the first one to greet your partners on their promotions, new jobs or others.

Share Easily
CamCard lets you share business contacts easily with friends, colleagues and boss. Just select the desired cards and you can share via SMS, email and QR code.

Follow-up Effectively
Scan business cards when you visit clients on site, then you’ll see their company news instantly. Learn it, break the ice and start a good conversation.

Organize Contacts on the Go
With CamCard, you can easily search, sort and group your cards across your smartphone, tablet and computer (via CamCard website)

Lite CRM on your Mobile
Import all your leads to CamCard, you can add notes in texts/image format, set reminders for follow-up. Remember every lead’s details to transfer them to a client.

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