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Bungee Mummy: Challenges


The funny but helpless Geemies are relying on you – their survival is in your hands! Tap, swipe, pull, and flick to master this exciting easytouch, free arcade game. Make your unkilled mummy ball jump like spiderman and shuffle up, down, and sideways on crumbling pillars like surfers riding the tide to help King Phero save the Geemies!

Based on simple physics, Bungee Mummy: Challenges is a great example of free arcade games that don’t need wifi. This easytouch and funny game takes you on a joyride exploring Egyptian legends in which you need to surf through dangerous areas, arena by arena, to survive. Engage your hopper hero in a fun run across various stages packed with endless pesky, fishy snakes and scorpions to kombat and smash, cramped cages to bungee blast through, arcane scarabs to be collected and crates to drop accurately into escaping carts.

A task that may seem simple at first soon becomes a heart racing challenge that you will be super determined to overcome using your own wit, tactics, and gameplay style! Think you can outpower and outsmart the mortal competition?

Challenge your friends with score duel on the global arena and conquer the leaderboard in each fanduel like a boss! Arcane legends are waiting for a new hero. Do you have the power and skills necessary to be crowned King?

First four challenges to master:
# BUNGEE BLAST – Bungee launch through the cages and boom them to help the Geemies run and escape to survival. How many can you save? Expect heavy surprises as the challenge gets harder!

# SNAKE SMASH – Prepare for mortal kombat with fishy snakes and scorpions but avoid the inquisitive, lovable Geemies! Speedy and sharp reflexes are needed to win fanduel – it’s between your smashy hopper and the clock.

# CRATE ESCAPE – Drop valuable supplies into the escaping carts for the Geemies. There is a limited amount of crates to drop and time is tight so make sure you don’t miss the carts. Think ahead, survival depends on your sharp mind!

# WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE – Collect as many arcane scarabs as possible while surviving the booby trapped and riddled Wheel of Misfortune! Prepare for unstable structures and mortal fire ahead.

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