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Create lists of your incomings & expenses in a fast, friendly & fun way while keeping track of the Balance.

Fudget is for the user who wants to keep their budget planning fast and simple. Sound like you? Download Fudget to simplify your money management!

# Create simple lists of incomings & expenses – keep track of the balance
# One-tap adding & editing
# Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future lists
# No time constraints – use it monthly, weekly or however you like
# Learn the interface in seconds
# Drag to reorder items
# Choice of currency symbols
# Universal app – buy once and install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Bankr is a powerful, beautiful personal finance manager designed to make it easy to track your spending, follow budgets, and keep tabs on your money. The best part? No accounting degree required.

Bankr lets you effortlessly create and track your expenses, incomes, budgets, stocks, and more! Whether you’re a student with just one checking account, or a seasoned businessman with complex budgets and stock portfolios, Bankr is the right tool for you.

Why Bankr?

=> Siri Integration

Bankr is the only app that lets you add transactions on-the-go using Siri. For example, activating Siri and saying, “Remember I spent $4.60 on coffee,” would automatically and intelligently add it for you. It’s that easy. (iOS 6 only)

Bankr was designed with two things in mind: simplicity and power. With the perfect balance of both, Bankr is feature-filled and extremely intuitive. No clutter, no bloat, no learning curve.

=> Lightning Quick:

Your life moves at breakneck speed; why shouldn’t your apps? With Bankr, you’ll be able to create transactions in seconds flat. Order your morning mocha, jot it down on your way out, or tell Siri, and Bankr will handle the rest.

=> Feature-Packed

Don’t sacrifice usability for functionality. Bankr is rich with features and data about your finances. Effortlessly see your net worth, keep track of multiple budgets, analyze your spending by category, and much more.

=> Support for Stocks

Personal finance should encompass all your assets; including your stocks. With Bankr, you can track your various stocks, their performance, profits, and market values, as well as real-time data; all within one app. Integration is nice, right?


=>Keep all your accounts in one place. Checking, savings, cash, you name it!

=>Register transactions in seconds flat

=>Sort your incomes and expenses by category, date, and amount

=>Create multiple simultaneous budgets and visually see your progress

=>Add repeating or budget-exempt transactions

=>Support for stocks; track their performance and data in real-time

=>Beautiful, intuitive interface that’s a pleasure to use

=>Integrated help with outstanding customer support

=>Safe and secure; your data and information never leaves your device

=>Full passcode protection

=>Support for 18 international currencies, and counting

=>..and much more!

We Think You’ll love Bankr as Much as We Do, so Give Bankr a Try And Download it Today!

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Toshl Finance is a personal finance manager made fun. Find out where your money is going, keep on top of bills and spending, set up budgets and live easy with a financial peace of mind.
It’s intuitive, safe, private, designed with character and attention to detail. Toshl is like your personal financial advisor that’s with you all the time. Except it’s less awkward in bed. 😉

Expense tracker
=>Track expenses and incomes with ease
=>Incredibly quick & intuitive expense entry
=>Set up repeating expenses and incomes to organize your bills
=>Can help your family, small business or group track common expenses, budgets and bills under the same account
=>Export your expense reports into PDF, Excel, Google Docs and CSV

Budget keeper
=>Easy and versatile budgeting
=>Track expenditure and make budgets for specific tags
=>compare the rate of your spending with the time of the month
=>One-time budgets, daily budgets, weekly budgets, bi-weekly budgets, monthly budgets, yearly budgets
=>Move remaining funds to the next budget
=>learn from your budget history

Bill organizer
=>Reminder for your bills as they become due
=>Plan family bills for upcoming months and know how much you can spend
=>Note when you need to repay your loans

Travel companion and currency converter
=>Works with any currency
=>Track your spending and budget your travel
=>Convert foreign currencies
=>Daily updated exchange rates for 165 currencies
=>Enter custom exchange rates

Finances on multiple devices
=>Automatically syncs with multiple devices and toshl.com
=>Access your personal finances from anywhere, just log in
=>Track family finances with other family members in the same account

More graphs & backup on toshl.com
=>Manage your finances on the big screen
=>Visualize your finances with informative graphs
=>Your data is automatically backed up and saved

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Next helps you get control of your expenses.

It’s the easiest way to track your expenses when you’re on the go. It’s fast, elegant and won’t get in your way.
And now with iCloud sync and the additional iPad app, your data is everywhere with you.

Here’s how easy it is:
1. Select a category
2. Enter and confirm the amount (and a note, if you want)
3. And your done!

Rearrange and choose the Next home screen icons to suit your needs (by tapping and holding). Swipe left or right to see all your expenses and gorgeous statistics.

Other features:
=> Excel/Numbers export
=> Backup via email, AirDrop or iMessage
=> iCloud sync

Keep track of your expenses with Next!
=> How much did you spend at the local coffee shop?
=> Are you spending too much eating out?
=> How much did you spend on clothes last month?
=> Are you blowing too much on your hobbies?
=> The possibilities are endless!

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Accounting for your small business has never been easier. Use Receipts by Wave to easily track and categorize all of your receipts and connect them to your small biz accounting with a few clicks of a button.

Featured in: Forbes, Mashable, CNBC, Inc.

Say good bye to paper clutter! Digitized data for your small business is where it’s at. With Receipts by Wave you can snap a photo of your receipt, verify the details and it connects seamlessly to your small biz accounting.

=>Snap a photo of your receipt, confirm the details and upload it into your accounting.
=>Syncs automatically with Wave
=>Free email support from Wave’s Customer Support Heroes
=>Safe and secure

For security reasons, do not take an image of personal identification (such as a passport) or credit cards.

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Follow 4 simple steps to pay off your debts:
=>Download Debt Down
=>Enter all your debts
=>Apply Debt-snowball method and save on interest
=>Budget your expenses and pay off the debt faster


=>Debt free date countdown
=>Remaining debt balance
=>Upcoming payments
=>Due payments made with one tap


=>Mortgage, credit cards, loans, other
=>Percent paid progress bar
=>Debt-snowball method: multiple payoff strategies
=>Payment history
=>Extra payment tracking
=>Payment due date notifications


=>Mortgage and loan calculators
=>Fixed/ARM interest rates, daily/monthly interest accrual
=>Payoff date calculator
=>Amortization schedule and key debt parameters
=>“What if” scenarios can be saved in calculator history


=>Unlimited budgets
=>Set budgets with one tap using the previous months data
=>Progress control by categories
=>Expenses and credit card transactions
=>Interest on credit card purchases
=>Recurring transactions
=>Budget trend in time
=>Planned savings


=>Debt Remaining
=>Debt Payoff Graph with Snowball on and off
=>Snowball Interest Savings
=>Annual Interest Rate
=>Amortization Schedule
=>Budget Progress
=>Expenses Monthly
=>Expenses List
=>Print and Export in PDF format


=>Password protection
=>Unlock achievements and stay motivated

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