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Have you ever heard that witch become pretty? Yes, in Broom, you will meet at a pretty witch. It’s a mobile application available for the iOS platform. It’s actually an endless and funny game. All those Halloween freaks can deal with this game. The actual concept is to help witch in fly because she lost her broom. The best thing is that it can be played by kids and adults.

As you know that witch loves her broom and can’t fly without it. People afraid of a witch but in this game, you will meet to a pretty witch. All you need to help her in flying and collect coins.

Broom Features:

  • Kid’s mode made especially for kids
  • Rewards that you can achieve
  • Sharing option to share on the different media
  • Colorful graphics that you can enjoy
  • Many wonderful acquisitions and skills
  • Different characters

How to play this game?

You need to help witch in her fly. She makes herself pretty. All you need to help her in jumping by drawing springs. In this way, you will get the green elixirs and jump higher. It’s an actually an endless game so you can enjoy the game without any interruption. All you need to do is to help her in bouncing to collect maximum coins. The more you collect coins, the more score you will gain.

Last words:

Broom is a mobile application which helps you in passing your free time. It’s an endless game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. Download this game and help the pretty witch.

Apple is getting ready to roll out a new iPhone and its next OS, but in the process it could kill 187,000 apps.

Analytics firm Sensor Tower anticipates that thousands of 32-bit apps will become obsolete once Apple releases iOS 11, which is expected to only support apps that run on a 64-bit processor.

A quick refresher: After years of encouraging developers to update older apps to make them compatible with the 64-bit processors that debuted with the iPhone 5S, it seems that Apple will begin to force developers’ hands with iOS 11. Warnings that “this app will not work with future versions of iOS” began appearing in beta versions of iOS earlier this year, feeding speculation that Apple will finally end support for these outdated apps once and for all.

While we knew that “app rot” as it’s known in developer circles is a real problem, it was hard to quantify just how many apps could be impacted by such a change. We now have a much clearer idea thanks to new data from Sensor Tower.

As it stands now, at least 8 percent of all apps in the App Store could be rendered obsolete overnight if Apple chooses to end support for 32-bit apps. That adds up to about 187,000 apps, according to the firm.

This, by the way, is somewhat of a conservative estimate. Sensor Tower came up with the number by looking for apps that were submitted prior to the launch of the iPhone 5S in 2013 (when Apple first started supporting 64-bit) that haven’t been updated since.


Apple could kill almost 200,000 apps


Though the company introduced 64-but chipsets in September 2013, Apple didn’t start requiring developers to support 64-bit architecture until nearly two years later in June of 2015, so it’s likely there are far more incompatible apps than the number reflected in Sensor Tower’s report.

And while the vast majority of these apps won’t be missed, there are quite a few classics — some of which still enjoy devoted followings — from the early days of the App Store that could be at risk should Apple force them to update or die.

Of course, we won’t know the fate of these apps for awhile longer. Apple has yet to comment on iOS 11, and probably won’t ahead of its formal unveiling at WWDC later this year. And while beta software is a good indication of changes to come, nothing is certain until the updates become official.

Still, there are other signs Apple is ready to start ditching old outdated apps. The company removed more than 47,000 apps last fall, according to Sensor Tower, so further clamping down on languishing apps wouldn’t be surprising at all.



Download the FreeAppADay App and wish for more top rated apps like Haze to become FREE for a day!

Put some color on your forecast with Haze, an amazing weather app with fluid animations and an audiovisual interface that is both beautifully simple, yet powerfully addictive.

Haze is build around the idea of giving you a radiantly crafted forecast at a glance. Swipe through temperature, sunshine hours and rain chance or dive even deeper and get detailed information about the weather. Swipe down to get a 5 day forecasts and unlock multiple colorful themes to personalize the look.

= Features =
# A beautifully crafted audiovisual experience.
# Awesome motion tilt & slide navigation. Gyro-driven wind compass.
# Works world wide. Supports both ºC and ºF.
# 5 day forecast.
# Background animation shows tomorrow’s trend.
# Sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, sunrise and sunset times.
# High and low temperatures for the day, windchill, windspeed and wind direction.
# Precipitation chance & amount, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure.
# Exact location based weather data from wt360.

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Get detailed weather information on multiple locations at once with Weather Magic. Download this practical weather app and get accurate future forecasts, current info, and access to a diverse array of GPS enabled rain, cloud, and radar maps from anywhere!

Weather Magic is the best dedicated utility to keep yourself in the know about weather around you and any other location you want to keep tabs on!

With Weather Magic you can select different cities at once to see their current and future forecasted weather via intuitive customizable widgets. Furthermore, since weather data for every selected location is updated a hundred times a day, you can rest assured that the information you see is never going to be out-of-date or simply be wrong!

Weather Magic provides you with a visually striking yet intuitive user interface to get your weather information through. The app boasts vibrantly colorful animated background screens tailored to current weather conditions and feature automatic day and night cycle modes. To boot, this unique forecasting utility offers users access to a sleek ‘locations’ screen from where cities can be selected and deleted instantly, as well as the option of utilizing either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature reading scales based on your personal preferences.

Weather Magic Features:

# Global weather forecasting capabilities for multiple locations.

# Fully customizable Settings functions Display options, brightness settings, Layout preferences featuring unique widget layouts, and an in-depth Help section.

# The Informational widget layout options include:

= All detailed weather information mode
=  Short-term forecast only mode
=  Long-term forecast only mode
= Current weather only mode
= Text-only mode

# Intuitive customizable interface with relevant day/night weather animations, graphic hourly and daily future forecast bars, and more.

# Flexible location search options give you the power to find places to monitor by zip code, town names, airport codes, geo-position, and more.

# One-click access to Cloud, Rain, Radar, and Satellite maps.

# Ability to get weather alert push notifications & real-time climate and weather alerts for every location monitored.

# The wealth of weather information users can see at a glance with Weather Magic includes:

= 7 day and 24 hour forecasts
= “Feels Like” temperature readings
= Dew Point temperature information
= Daily high and low temperature estimates
= Wind speed and direction information
= Wind Chill readings
= Humidity and precipitation information
= Visibility details
= Sunrise and Sunset times
=  Precipitation chances
= Air Pressure readings in inches, mm’s or mbars
=  Imperial or Metric system readout options
= 12 or 24 hour time formats
=  Daytime and Nighttime modes
=  UV Index

The app’s weather data comes directly from Weather Underground to guarantee that you get the most reliable and accurate weather information in the world!

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Sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.
With its pane navigation, its new threading system and many
new features, you’ll never look back.


# Full IMAP and POP support:
Use your Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me and custom IMAP/POP accounts.

# Unified Inbox
All your mails in a unique mailbox.

# Attachments
Directly attach photos & images when composing a mail. No more cumbersome back and forth with your photo library.

# Up & down your conversations
Swipe up or down on a message to navigate a conversation.

# Everything is a swipe away
Swipe once to uncover your mailboxes, labels and folders.
Swipe again to get to your account list.

# Faces
Mail is much nicer with your friends’ profile pictures.

# Message swipe
Star, add a label, archive or delete a conversation right away simply by swiping a message.

# Smart contacts
Your most frequent contacts on top of the list.

# Send & Archive
The best way to reach inbox zero easily.

# Built-in web browser
Navigate the web within Sparrow.

# Quick mailbox switch
Navigate between your inbox, unread and favorites by tapping/swiping the top bar.

# Mark all as read
One click to rule them all. You can also press a message for a few seconds to mark it as read/unread.

# Thread view
Tap the top bar in the conversation to quickly navigate all messages in a thread.

# Pull to refresh
Finally, the simplest way to refresh comes to email.

# Priority Inbox support
Automatically identify your important email and separates it out from everything else.

# Alias
Have a pro and a private mail address? Use alias to keep things separated.

# Powerful search
Local and remote search allow you to find the mail you’re looking for.

And many more features crafted with love to discover:
# Quick sender switch in compose window
# Mark all as read
# Read/unread with a long press on a message cell
# Reply all quick switch..

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Instabrowser is the fastest web browser for iPhone. Inspired by read-it-later apps like Instapaper and Readability, Instabrowser lets you read-it-now by downloading just the HTML of a page and mobilizing it into a clean, one-column layout. It can cut data usage and load times by 90% or more. It’s great when you’re on a slow 3G connection or viewing a webpage that doesn’t have a mobile layout.

How does it work?

Instabrowser’s mobilizer only downloads the HTML of a webpage. It then parses the HTML to strip out things that aren’t content, like stylesheets and javascript. Finally, Instabrowser renders the content in a readable one-column layout. This cuts data use and results in pages loading super fast.

If you need to view the original version of a webpage, like on websites that require javascript, you can toggle to it by tapping the lightning icon. In this case, Instabrowser will switch to using the same engine as Mobile Safari. You can quickly switch back and forth, giving you the best of both worlds.

Finally, Instabrowser builds a Table of Contents for mobilized webpages. This lets you quickly jump to different parts of a webpage – like article titles or section headers. You can swipe left or tap the link icon at the bottom right to access this feature.

Who is it for?

Instabrowser was designed by a reader, for readers. All content is formatted into one easy-to-read column, and you can customize the font size and spacing. In addition, Instabrowser is great for users on the go, especially with older devices or slow connections, due to its blazing speed.

Other features

# Webpage caching. Webpages you’ve viewed will still be there for you, even if your internet connection isn’t.
# Accurate download readouts – you can tell exactly how fast your connection is.
# Instabrowser works great even on very slow connections, making browsing on 2G networks like GPRS or EDGE possible.
# Accessibility support. Instabrowser’s mobilization engine and Table of Contents feature makes it great for visually impaired users.
# Since Instabrowser can display the alt & title text of images, it’s great for testing your website’s accessibility (like for 508 compliance).
# Unlimited Tabs!
# All the other features you’d expect from a browser, like search autocompletion, history and bookmarks.

Instabrowser loof

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Knock to unlock. Faster and safer than typing a password, for iOS and Mac.

PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR MAC IS COMPATIBLE BEFORE PURCHASING. Compatible Macs are listed in the screenshot below.

You keep your iPhone with you all the time. Now you can use it as a password. You never have to open the app— just knock on your phone twice, even when it’s in your pocket, and you’re in.

Using Knock won’t drain your iPhone’s battery, even if you use it all day every day. Knock securely communicates with your Mac using Bluetooth Low Energy, a new technology that draws very little power.

Knock works with any Mac that supports Bluetooth 4.0. Have a question? Email us at help@knocktounlock.com and we’ll get back to you within a day.

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New UNESCO Memory of the World and World Heritage globes available to download through in-app purchase.

Free Communications globe available by download with additional globes available to buy through in-app store.

See the world in context with Atlas by Collins™ through nine themed globes. The latest update includes a store function, allowing you to download new globes and remove others. If you already own the app you will be able to reclaim your current globes once the update is downloaded.

Current globes available:
# NEW • UNESCO Memory of the World – Documents, arts and people that have shaped humanity.
# NEW • UNESCO World Heritage – View some of the most breathtaking places on Earth.
# Development – Demographic statistics and context from the World Bank
# Economy – Global economic statistics and context from the World Bank
# Satellite map
# Physical maps – Physical features such as oceans, mountains and deserts
# Political maps – Current states and territories, political and economic alliances, and historical maps showing the effects of exploration, colonialism and conflict
# Environment – The impact of human life on the natural world, and how countries compare on environmental issues such as pollution and forest loss
# Population – Statistics about the people who inhabit the world, including population trends, migration, and birth and death rates
# Communications – How technology connects the world, including mobile coverage, Internet usage and number of telephone lines
# Energy – The distribution of energy resources, and patterns in energy production and consumption

With Atlas by Collins™ you can:
# Explore colour-coded world maps showing up-to-date information on topics from mobile phone coverage to energy resources and economic development around the world
#  Share interesting maps and information via social media or email
# View mapping offline down to 1:3,000,000 scale
#  Zoom-in on any location down to street level when online through your in-device map app
# Research in-depth country profiles for every nation on Earth
#  Discover over 200,000 cities, towns and major natural landmarks instantly through search, even when offline
#  Keep up-to-date with new data releases so you’re always in the know about changes to our world
#  Switch seamlessly between iPhone and iPad without losing your place

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ROCCAT™ Power-Grid™ is a fully-customizable remote for your PC. It lets you connect to, monitor, and control your PC and games from your smartphone –all without having to leave the action.

Aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts alike, Power-Grid™ is a completely-customizable free smartphone app that works as an advanced remote control for your PC. After installing the accompanying PC software, the app relays a host of convenient, time-saving information in the form of fully-configurable “Grids”, which the user can then interact with right from their smartphone, without having to minimize or close the game or application they are running.

Instead of lying idle on your desk or in your pocket, get the most out of your smartphone with Power-Grid™. Keep an eye on your Facebook and Twitter feeds without having to leave the action in your favourite game; ensure your PC’s vital system stats are in order while you’re in the next room; design your own Grid to suit the games you play or the applications you use, and lots, lots more.

Power-Grid™ comes pre-loaded with the following four customizable Grids:

#.Incoming Center – keep track of your feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, TeamSpeak, and RSS feeds in this communications HQ.

#.System Stats – monitor your vital system information, such as CPU load, memory and hard drive usage, and more.

#.Sound Control – operate Windows Media Player and iTunes, as well as your system audio settings. Adjust the master volume, or the volume of each application individually.

#.Custom Grids – Power-Grid™ not only connects your smartphone to your PC, it also features a powerful editor that lets you build your own controls to load into your custom grids – for the ultimate in customization.
In addition to the above four Grids, Power-Grid™ also features game-specific Grids for gaming enthusiasts, allowing gamers to execute macros rapidly to get the edge on their opponents in the heat of the battle.

Power-Grid™ FUNCTIONS:

Preset/custom controls and Grids
# Preset Hardware Grids: Numpad, Calculator, Talk® FX, etc.
# Preset app and game Grid compatibility
# Create your own Grids, with your own graphics and custom-color backgrounds
# Drag and drop custom controls to your Grid
# Choose from over 50 preset buttons and controls
# 1800+ icons included – for countless individual design possibilities
# Button customization: add texts, backgrounds, icons, effects, and sounds to buttons
# Open function: open applications, documents, folders, website
# Shortcut function: add individual shortcuts to your control buttons
# Macro manager: assign custom macro sequences – with up to 512 commands

# Social feeds for Facebook, Twitter, Skype, e-mail, TeamSpeak, and RSS

# Media player control: play, stop, pause your videos and music, as well as view artist, title, and album
# Mute function: separately mute your master, microphone, and music volume
# Volume control: via volume wheel or slider for each individual application

# CPU: show CPU info and usage
# Drives: show drive capacity, and open with a single click
# Show network usage
# Power functions: system lock, log off, shut down, sleep
# RAM: show RAM info and usage

# ROCCAT™ analogue clock display – comes in four sizes
# ROCC’ clock: digital clock with day and date
# Big stopwatch and timer
# Timer buttons: for eggs, noodles, pizza, tea, etc

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Jasmine is a full-featured YouTube client for iOS.

# Smooth and responsive interface
# Night theme & dimming support for browsing in low light
# Full support for managing playlists
# Remembers your position when returning to long videos
# Parental Controls to curate content and restrict video discovery (PRO)
# Browse and discover channels
# Post comments and replies
# Aggressive filtering for comment spam and channel promotions
# Supports AirPlay
# Share videos via Twitter & Facebook

Jasmine logo
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