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Version 8.2 of Apple's iOS mobile operating system could launch as soon as next week (Mid- March 2015) with new and improved health features in tow. Apple is nearing the public release of iOS 8.2.

The maker of the iPhone and iPad mobile gadgets was close to releasing iOS 8.2 to the public earlier As per blog Boy Genius Report (BGR) the change log for that build number (12D508) reveals several new features and enhancements in the health department as well as a host of bug fixes, according to BGR.

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Major iOS beta development history – image credit Thinky Bits

The full release notes are available below:

Health App improvements

  • Adds the ability to select the unit of measurement for body temperature, weight, height, distance, and blood glucose
  • Improves stability when dealing with large amounts of data
  • Includes the ability to add and visualise workout sessions from 3rd-party apps
  • Addresses an issue that may have prevented users from adding a photo in Medical ID
  • Fixes units for vitamins and minerals
  • Fixes an issue where Health data wouldn’t refresh after changes data source order
  • Fixes an issue where some graphics showed no data values
  • Adds a privacy setting that enables turning off tracking of steps, distance, and flights climbed

According to BGR, the bug fixes into iOS 8.2 :

  • Fixes an issue in Maps that prevented navigating to some favorite locations
  • Addresses an issue where the last word in a quick reply message wasn’t autocorrected
  • Fixes an issue where duplicate iTunes purchased content could prevent iCloud restore from completing
  • Fixes a timezone issue where Calendar events appear in GMT
  • Addresses an issue that caused certain events in a custom reoccurring meeting to drop from Exchange calendar
  • Fixes an certificate error that prevented configuring an Exchange account behind a third-party gateway
  • Fixes an issue that could cause an organizer’s Exchange meeting notes to be overwritten
  • Resolves an issue that prevented some Calendar events from automatically showing as “busy” after accepting an invite.
  • Resolves an issue where some music or playlists didn’t sync from iTunes to the Music app
  • Fixes an issue where deleted audiobooks sometimes remained on the device
  • Resolves an issue that could prevent call audio from routing to car speakers while using Siri Eyes Free
  • Fixes a Bluetooth calling issue where no audio is heard until the call is answered

The update also promises greater stability for Mail, Music, and the Flyover feature in Maps, VoiceOver reliability, and Connectivity with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Earlier This Month, Apple Released its iTunes Store Awards, Highlighting Some of The Best Apps, Music, Movies, and TV shows That Were Released in 2014. Those Winning Apps Included Elevate - Brain Training, Threes!, Pixelmator, and Monument Valley. Of Those Apps, Only Two Made Apple's Top Charts For 2014 -- Threes! was The 25th Top Paid iPhone App While Monument Valley Was The 46th Top Paid iPhone App and 35th Top Paid iPad app.

Apple Today Shared Cumulative Lists of The Best Performing Apps in The App Store Across 2014 With Various Media Sites And on iTunes, Highlighting The iPad Top Paid, iPad Top Free, iPhone Top Paid, And iPhone Top Free Apps That Were Most Popular With Consumers This Year.


The Number One Free iPhone App in 2014 was Facebook Messenger, Which Continues to Have a Two and a Half Star Rating in The App Store Due to Facebook’s Unpopular Decision to Remove Messaging Capabilities From The Main Facebook app in An Effort to Get Users to Download The Standalone Facebook Messenger app. Other Popular Free iPhone apps Included Snapchat, Instagram, and Google Maps, With the top 10 listed below

1:- Facebook Messenger

2:- Snapchat

3:- YouTube

4:- Facebook

5:- Instagram

6:- Pandora Radio

7:- Google Maps

8:- Flipagram

9:- Spotify Music

10:- 2048

The Number One Paid iPhone App in 2014 was Popular Party Game Heads Up!, Which Was Skyrocketed to Fame Thanks to its Multiple Appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show. First Launched in 2013, Heads Up! Asks Players to Guess a Word Based on Clues Given By Friends. Other Popular Paid iPhone Apps Included Workout App 7 Minute Workout Challenge and Photo Editing app Afterlight.

1:- Heads Up! 

2:- Minecraft – Pocket Edition

3:- Afterlight

4:- Plague Inc.

5:- Sleep Cycle alarm clock

6:- Facetune

7:- Cut the Rope 2

8:- Bloons TD 5

9:- A Dark Room

10:- 7 Minute Workout Challenge

The Most Popular Paid iPad App was, Unsurprisingly, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, Which Also Ranked as One of The Top Paid iPhone apps. Minecraft First Debuted on iOS in 2011, But Since That Time, The App Has Been Updated More Than 20 Times With New Features, Better Graphics, Bug Fixes, And More. Its Constant Updates and Pervasive Popularity Have kept it in The Top List of Apps For Several Years Running. Other Popular Paid iPad Apps Were Terraria, Notability, and Minecraft-style Apps Survivalcraft and Terraria.

1:- Minecraft – Pocket Edition

2:- Cut the Rope 2

3:- Heads Up!

4:- The Room Two

5:- Survivalcraft

6:- Notability

7:- Terraria

8:- Plants vs. Zombies HD

9:- Hide N Seek : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer

10:- Card Wars – Adventure Time

The App Store’s Most Popular Free iPad App For 2014 was Google’s YouTube app, Which is a Standalone App That Lets Users Watch YouTube Videos on Their Devices. YouTube Used to be Included With iOS, But The Dedicated App was Removed With iOS 6, Prompting Google to Release an app in 2012. Netflix was the Second Most Downloaded Free iPad app in 2014, Followed by a Calculator App, Skype, and Microsoft Word. Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Two of The Most Popular Free iPhone Apps, Were Also Popular on The iPad.

1:- YouTube

2:- Netflix

3:- Calculator for iPad Free

4:- Skype for iPad

5:- Microsoft Word

6:- Facebook Messenger

7:- Facebook

8:- Candy Crush Saga

9:- Chrome

10:- Clash of Clans

Top Grossing Apps For The Year Included Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Game of War – Fire Age, Pandora Radio, and Big Fish Casino.




Apple on Monday Took its Social Media Presence to a New Level by Launching a New Tumblr Page Dedicated to iTunes, Which Currently Contains Pictures, Video and GIFs Focusing on The

Apple’s iTunes Tumblr Page Shares Visual Similarities With The Company’s Official Website, But Takes on The Popular Social Media Site’s Image-Heavy Style.

The Page itself is Broken Into Categories For iTunes’ Major Product Categories — Music, Movies, TV and iBooks — Each Including a Short Promo Video Running Through The Best Content of 2014.
For Example, Beyonce is Featured in The Top Spot on The iTunes Music Tumblr Landing Page as 2014’s Best Artist, Above Random Pictures, GIFs and Video of Nikki Minaj, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and More.

Today’s Tumblr Launch is Part of Apple’s Fresh Push in Social Media That Has Seen Enhanced Consumer Outreach on Platforms Like Twitter, Facebook and, Most Recently, Instagram. Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple Executives Have Also Taken a Shine to Twitter and Other Services, Completely Divergent From The Closed-off Company Run by Late co-founder Steve Jobs.

Potentially Behind The Renewed Interest in Social is New Apple Hire Musa Tariq, a Social Media Guru Who Previously Worked Under Current Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts During Her Time as CEO of Burberry. Prior to Joining Apple, Tariq Was Senior Director of Social Media at Nike, a Strong Player in Community-Driven ad Campaigns.

Bill Detwiler cracks open the iPhone 6 Plus and finds some interesting differences from the smaller iPhone 6.

On the outside, the iPhone 6 Plus looks like just a scaled up iPhone 6, but the internal hardware tells a different story. The phones are very similar but far from identical.

For More Information on The iPhone 6 Plus, Including Performance and Battery Life Benchmark Tests

Cracking Open observations:-

  • Relocated Home Button Cable Makes Repairs Easier:- Luckily, cracking open the iPhone 6 Plus is identical to Cracking open the regular iPhone 6, which means it’s easier to open than previous iPhones. You still need to Remove the two Pentalobe screws along the bottom edge with a special screwdriver, but Apple relocated The ribbon cable on the Home button, which means you no longer have to worry about tearing it when Popping open the front panel…News 1
  • Very similar, but not identical to iPhone 6: The overall, internal hardware layout is the same as on the iPhone 6. There’s a speaker and Lightning connector assembly at the bottom, battery along the left side, motherboard along the right, and the camera assembly at the top. Attached to the front panel are the display, front camera and sensors, earpiece speaker and the Home button. There’s also a new metal plate that sits behind the screen.
  • Different system boards: Not only is the iPhone 6 Plus’ system board different from older iPhones, it’s also different from the board in the regular iPhone 6. Unfortunately the two boards do have one thing in common, the metal shields that cover most of the phone’s chips are soldered in place.     news2
  • Different vibration mechanisms:- The vibration mechanisms on the iPhone 6 Plus and regular iPhone 6 are Different and located in different spots.
  • Different external speakers:- The external speakers are also different.
  • Much bigger battery: The Plus’ 11.1 Watt/hour battery is significantly larger than the regular iPhone 6’s 6.91 Watt/hour unit.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

As with the regular iPhone 6, if you only looked at the 6 Plus on the outside, you would miss some really interesting and important design changes that lurk inside the phone.


WatchKit Software Tools Now Available to Developers

California—November 18, 2014—Apple® today announced the availability of WatchKit, software that gives Developers a set of tools to easily create experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch™—Apple’s most Personal device ever. Apple has the world’s most vibrant and innovative developer community, and now These developers can begin developing WatchKit apps before Apple Watch becomes available. Developers can Create innovative WatchKit apps, actionable notifications and Glances, for timely information accessible by an Easy, quick look at Apple Watch.


“Apple Watch is our most personal device ever, and WatchKit provides the incredible iOS developer community With the tools they need to create exciting new experiences right on your wrist,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With the iOS 8.2 beta SDK, developers can now start using WatchKit to Create breakthrough new apps, Glances and actionable notifications designed for the innovative Apple Watch Interface and work with new technologies such as Force Touch, Digital Crown and Taptic Engine.”

Developers can create notifications that allow users to take action or respond right from their wrist such as turning The lights off after they’ve left the house, quickly accessing flight details at the airport, and rerouting their transit When a train or bus is late. Developers can incorporate Glances, which quickly show users information they care About most, such as the latest news and sports scores, alarm system status or the next step of a favorite recipe.

Developers who have previewed the WatchKit tools and APIs are eager to start building on the personal and Immediate experiences Apple Watch will offer users.*

“Fans crave real-time and personal information, and the ESPN app for Apple Watch gives us the ability to deliver Live scores and information for their favorite teams,” said John Kosner, executive vice president of Digital and Print Media, ESPN. “Glances provide fans with a snapshot of live games, and if there is no game taking place, they’ll Get valuable game-time information or the final box score. With actionable notifications, the experience becomes Even more personal, as fans receive alerts on score changes, news and more.”

“Apple Watch allows us to make the Instagram experience even more intimate and in the moment,” says Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO of Instagram. “With actionable notifications you can see and instantly like a photo or react with an emoji. The Instagram news and watch list allows you to see your friends’ latest photos, follow New accounts and get a real-time view of your likes and comments.”

“The American Airlines app on Apple Watch reminds you when it’s time to head to the airport via pre-trip Notifications, and provides updates for gate changes, connecting gate info upon arrival, and will notify you when Boarding begins if you’re not at the gate yet,” said John Gustafson, American Airlines vice president of Digital. “Travelers can also ask ‘Where am I?’ in-flight and get real-time location information at 30,000 ft.”


The iOS 8.2 SDK beta including WatchKit is available immediately for iOS Developer Program members at developer.apple.com/watchkit. The WatchKit site includes programming guides, human interface guidelines, Templates and more. Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch.

* App features are subject to change and may not be available in all regions or all languages. Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or later .

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional Software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the Mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media And computing devices with iPad.


It’s Estimated That pre-orders For The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China Reached 20 million From October 10-13, According to a Report From China-based QQ Relayed by DigiTimes.

The report stated that pre-orders on website Jingdong Mall reached nearly 10 million over the period, which coupled with orders direct to major telecom providers and Apple pushed total orders to 20 million. On the Jingdong Mall site, 4.66 million of the orders were for the iPhone 6 and 4.82 million for the iPhone 6 Plus, the report added.

Apple announced an opening weekend record of 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales. Earlier Today, the company announced that 36 more countries would get the device by the end of the month.


Apple’s New iPad lineup to be Revealed on October 16th

Apple went bigger than big for its unveiling of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, but when it hits the stage with a new iPad later this month the event will reportedly be much more low key.

Apple is planning to unveil its latest update on Thursday, October 16, reports John Paczkowski at Recode, only instead of hosting an encore at the Flint Center, the event will be held at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino.

The new iPad lineup is expected to feature an updated iPad Air with an A8 processor, anti-reflective coating, Touch ID, Apple Pay, improved cameras, and a new gold option. It’s unclear if the iPad mini with Retina display will also be updated, as previous rumors have claimed Apple may hold it back until 2015 to separate it from the iPhone 6 Plus that’s been eating its sales.

Retina iMacs are also supposed to make an appearance with new a 5120 x 2880 display, and updated Hasswell processors from Intel, and AMD graphics.OS X Yosemite will also be featured at the event and could be publicly released right after the keynote

“Apple has a few more new products to unveil before the year is out, and it plans to show them off in a couple weeks. Sources tell Code/red the company will hold its next special event on Thursday, Oct. 16 — not the 21st.

Apple has announced that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in China beginning October 17 from the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores, and an expansive network of retail stores through all three major carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers. Customers can pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the Apple Online Store starting October 10. Beginning October 14, customers can reserve the new iPhones for in-store pick-up starting October 17. “We are thrilled to bring iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to our customers in China on all three carriers at launch,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. “With support for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers will have access to high-speed mobile networks from China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom for an incredible experience.”

Pre-orders Begin Friday, October 10


BEIJING—September  2014:- Apple® today Announced That iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, The Biggest Advancements in iPhone History, Will be Available in China Beginning Friday, October 17 From the Apple Online Store (www.apple.com), Apple’s retail stores, and an expansive network of retail stores through all three major carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers. With support for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus provide customers access to 4G/LTE networks from China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom across mainland China. Customers can pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the Apple Online Store beginning Friday, October 10. Beginning Tuesday, October 14, customers can reserve the new iPhones for in-store pick-up starting Friday, October 17.

“We are thrilled to bring iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to our customers in China on all three carriers at launch,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. “With support for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers will have access to high-speed mobile networks from China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom for an incredible experience.”

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the biggest advancements in iPhone history, featuring two new models with stunning 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch RetinaÂŽ HD displays, and packed with innovative technologies in an all-new dramatically thin and seamless design that is still comfortable to hold and easy to use. Both models are better in every way and include: the Apple-designed A8 chip with second generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture for blazing fast performance and power efficiency; advanced iSightÂŽ and FaceTimeÂŽ HD cameras; and ultrafast wireless technologies.

The new iPhones include iOS 8, the biggest release since the App Store℠, featuring a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience with new Messages and Photos features, predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType™ keyboard and Family Sharing. iOS 8 also includes the new Health app, giving you a clear overview of your health and fitness data and iCloud Drive℠, so you can store files and access them from anywhere.

Pricing & Availability
iPhone 6 comes in gold, silver or space gray, and is available in China for a suggested retail price of 5,288 (RMB) for the 16GB model, 6,088 (RMB) for the 64GB model and, for the first time, a new 128GB model for 6,888 (RMB). iPhone 6 Plus comes in gold, silver or space gray, and is available in China for a suggested retail price of 6,088 (RMB) for the 16GB model, 6,888 (RMB) for the 64GB model and 7,788 (RMB) for the new 128GB model. Both models are available in China from the Apple Online Store (www.apple.com), by reservation only from Apple’s retail stores, and through China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and Apple Authorized Resellers beginning Friday, October 17. Customers can pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the Apple Online Store beginning Friday, October 10. Beginning Tuesday, October 14, customers can reserve the new iPhones for in-store pick-up starting Friday, October 17.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.


iOS 8 is The Biggest iOS Release ever — for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. We Simply set out to create the most natural experience. Each enhancement has a purpose. Every new Feature deserves to be a new feature. Each function is more considered, each next step is more Efficient. It all adds up to an even better experience — one that is pleasantly surprising at first and Becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.

What makes iOS 8 the world’s most advanced mobile operating system?

It’s the details. The innovations. The complete experience. It’s the fact that you can now see (and edit and organise) every photo you take on all your devices. That you can add your voice into a text message. And that your health and fitness apps can now communicate with each other, with your trainer and even with your doctor.

We’ve also provided developers with deeper access and more tools. So some of the most amazing features in iOS 8 are being created right now. You’ll have new keyboard options and even more ways to share your content. And you’ll be able to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before.

It’s going to be a great autumn. But for now, here’s a preview of some of the things iOS 8 will do for you so you can do more than ever.

ios 8 phoits

Every photo you take. Now on all your devices.

Every photo, every edit, every album now lives in your iCloud Photo Library, easily viewable And Consistent on all your devices. Automatically. The all-new Photos app makes it simpler than ever to Find and Rediscover your favourite photos. And you can make every shot look even better Immediately After You’ve Taken it With Powerful New Editing Tools…..More


8 msg

Actually LOL. OL.

Now Messages lets you connect with friends and family like never before. Tap to add your voice to any Conversation. Send a video of what you’re seeing the moment you’re seeing it. And easily share your Location so they know where you are……………

8 Details

Details make the experience. These details make it brilliant.

In iOS 8, you’ll find a convenient new way to respond to notifications. Helpful shortcuts to the people You talk to most. And time-saving features for managing your mail. All of which make the experience of using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that much better…………………..




Our smartest keyboard ever.

iOS 8 makes typing easier by suggesting contextually appropriate words to complete your sentences. It even recognises who you’re typing to and whether you’re in Mail or Messages. Because your tone in An email may be different from your tone in a message………………..

8 Family Sharing

Family Sharing.
Sharing with your family comes naturally. Now it comes to all your content.

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks and App Store Store purchases. Whenever one person buys a new song, film or app, everybody gets to share. It’s also easier than ever to share family photos, a family calendar, locations and More……………..


An entirely new way to use all your health and tness information.

Now your activity tracker, heart‑rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps can talk to each other. Which means they’ll be able to work even harder for you. And all the information is accessible in One easy‑to‑read dashboard

iPhone ipad Msc

iPhone, iPad and Mac. Connected like never before.

Things are about to get even better for people with multiple Apple devices. Now you can start an Email on one device and seamlessly continue on another. And iPhone owners can answer phone calls On their Mac or iPad, and even send SMS messages from any of Them……..


Brighter than ever.

Sometimes you’re looking for a contact or an app. Sometimes you’re looking for answers. Spotlight Now gives you suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, trending news and more. It’s even Smart enough to recognise context and location to offer you the most relevant Information………………..


Just wait till you see what app developers do next.

iOS 8 is the biggest release for developers since the introduction of the App Store. We’re giving them New tools to extend the reach of their apps and opening up new opportunities for them to take Advantage of iCloud, Touch ID and more. Which means you’ll soon see exciting new apps with Capabilities that were never possible before


iOS 8 makes a more

iOS 8 makes a more powerful business partner.

iPhone and iPad have become the devices of choice at work simply because they’re the devices of Choice in daily life. And it gets even better in iOS 8 with new productivity, security and device Management features.


iOS 8 will Be Compatible With: