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Are you looking for a better way to enjoy watching multimedia services easily? Choosing the right IPTV streams is one of the efficient options for enjoying HD movies, TV serials and many others in the highest quality. WatchIPTV App is one of the most simple and effective IPTV player allowing you to play the IPTV streams easily. WatchIPTV App has been used by more than millions of people across the world. The main reason that most of the people have been choosing the WatchIPTV is to get a high-quality video stream for having a good entertainment level. WatchIPTV App is known for the security, reliability and quality of service.

Main Features:

  • Live television and HD 4K Movies
  • IPTV player with Video on demand
  • Featured movies and series
  • Full EPG guide (EPG subscription required)
  • Easy to use
  • simple interface
  • Supports all IPTV playlists
  • VLC Video player (supports stream codecs)
  • Supports EPG URLs

Live Television:

WatchIPTV App allows the user to get the live streaming for the broadcasting. Now you could easily watch live TV on your device with efficient quality. Watching all the Live television continuously with the help of this App becomes an effective choice.

Video On Demand:

Whether you like to watch the complete playlist of your favourite videos, clips, episodes or Movies, you can easily install the WatchIPTV App. It is much more simple option to search by titles or categories such as sports, music videos, news and many others.

Featured Movies And Series:

WatchIPTV App has been gaining more popularity at a faster rate and allows the user to get featured movies and series easily. WatchIPTV App pushes you beyond the traditional model of television services into the high mode of entertainment.

Full EPG Guide:

Most of the people have been using the WatchIPTV App for its superior class feature. With the widespread adoption of internet facilities as well as usability of broadband, it is more efficient for enjoying the TV series and Movies. You can watch the IPTV allowing you to have the TV guide and it requires EPG subscription in xmltv format.

Easy To Use:

WatchIPTV App accessibility becomes one of the easy to use with the user-friendly. More number of people have been switched to the 5G for faster internet accessibility.

Ultimate IPTV Player:

WatchIPTV is one of the best IPTV players, but it does not provide the content for the user. WatchIPTV mainly requires the subscription to enjoy all features of the application.


Best app for lawyers

Many regard the iPad as a gaming or streaming device, but its design is also helpful in boosting workplace efficiency. Lawyers are constantly shuttling back and forth between clients, their offices, and the courtroom, and an iPad is the perfect tool for them to take with them when they are on-the-go in order to maximize their time.

Since time management is very important for attorneys, a number of apps have been created to suit their needs and help them optimize their productivity. Many law firms are beginning to go paperless, therefore the iPad is the logical alternative for them to utilize.

So, we’ve narrowed down some of the best iPad apps for lawyers. Happy downloading!


TrialPad helps you prepare for the courtroom and for presentations by organizing your cases. You can switch settings depending on where or to whom you will be presenting to. You will be able to present video clips, images, and pertinent documentation. It was designed by lawyers for lawyers, so they’ve gotten all the technical aspects down pat. It allows you to not only manage your cases, but also annotate them when necessary. Documents and photos can be converted for compatibility with Adobe PDF.


Law firms are always on the lookout for partners to help expand their business, so it is absolutely vital for them to be updated on any movement regarding their clients. Legal experts Special Counsel emphasize the value in nurturing professional relationships and understanding the current state of the job market, as bigger opportunities can arise when you least expect them to. LinkedIn is a great platform to cultivate relationships and turn them into long-lasting client partnerships. The LinkedIn community also posts content related to their specific industries on a regular basis, so it’s perfect for staying on top of industry trends.


This free app gives you access to its law library and legal research system. It is able to produce results on research topics at top speed. FastCase even gives access to nationwide state and federal cases which are centralized in the app’s platform. This could be extremely beneficial for last-minute research, or in the courtroom when you need to cite a previous case in an instant.


Dropbox allows you to organize your files through safe folders. Files can be synced to your iOS device for easy access, whether online or offline. Its file-sharing properties let you share cases, documents, or evidence within your firm. TechnoFAQ states that it helps you back up your files when needed. It even has a scanner that converts documents into PDFs. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files can also be edited on Dropbox.


The ClioManage app was created with cloud-based legal practice management software. You’ll be able to pull out cases, documents, and calendars any time you need to. It can even be used as a messaging platform and helps you stay updated via notifications. It allows both the firm and its clients to set meetings and appointments on a singular platform, as well as featuring secure payment links, bills and expense tracking.

Don’t forget to back up your files on iCloud after downloading all of these apps. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing any important data, especially with a job as complex and demanding as being an attorney.


pcTattletale Parenting

People happened to come across and stumble upon the pcTattletale Parenting app while doing their weekly roundup of the popular Play Store apps. They were greatly intrigued since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others. For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, we trust that they did a splendid job with key features in Child monitoring aspects.

Also, the pcTattletale activity recorder is efficaciously designed to monitor Smartphones, Tablets & Computers. Also, it works on all devices. pcTattletale makes it very simple for parents to supervise everything their kids are doing online. It is also noted that parents can access and review recordings, remotely, from any Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Key Highlights of pcTattletale Parenting

Wide Option of Video Playback

  • pcTattletale creates a video, which allows you to view an entire day of activity in minutes.
  • It graphs activity levels so you can see the most active times—at a glance.
  • LIVE mode even permits you to see what they are doing right now.

Main Feature of Recordings

pcTattletale automatically records:

  • All E-mail—in and outbound mail
  • All Chat sessions
  • All Instant Messages
  • Every Web site visited
  • Social networks and videos too, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more.

Easy to find out now if your child is

  • Being Cyberbullied?
  • Playing Too Many Video Games?
  • Watching Bad Videos?
  • Secret Pictures?
  • Who’s Chatting?
  • Who are they emailing?
  • Secret Social Profiles?

Discreet Nature

  • pcTattletale is discreet.
  • It doesn’t show up in the Start menu or Control Panel.
  • They will never even know it’s there.

Simple to Install

  • It is easy to install and get working.
  • Even for people with little computer experience.
  • Now you can finally know everything they are doing online.

Multiple Devices

  • Many times, a child may have a Smartphone, a Tablet, and even a laptop computer.
  • More than one child—even more devices.
  • pcTattletale makes it simple to monitor all of their devices, all of the time.
  • See their Windows computer activity from any device.

Primarily it is guided that you will need to put the pcTattletale software on the computer you like to monitor. Even the teachers and employers have found pcTattletale to be an indispensable tool to supervise classrooms and employee activity levels.

Educating about Internet Safety

Also monitoring your child’s online activity is a great way to become aware of exposure to online risks. If you see something that concerns you, it is a golden opportunity to open a dialog with your child about the importance of protecting themselves online, allowing them to know why you don’t want them visiting certain sites and explaining what kind of behavior is appropriate on social networks. Since you can’t always look over their shoulder, pcTattletale helps you keep an eye on your child, students or employees.


If you’re an ardent fan of Child monitoring apps in general, then pcTattletale Parenting is one that you must check out instantly. Once you get the hang of unique features, the app is wholly beneficial and appreciated from all corners of users.

pcTattletale Parenting

Vehicles Cloud 1

Maintenance of vehicles is an important part of our life because when the vehicle will be in good condition, it will give out good output. Now increasing the value of your vehicle is quite easy, thanks to Vehicles Cloud app. The main purpose of this app is to provide certified maintenance for your vehicle. It could be used by individual & mechanics.

Features of Vehicles Cloud:

  • Sharing the information: Sharing of the vehicle information with friends & mechanics is easy with this application.
  • Searching of mechanic: The searching of mechanic is easy by location and distance. A user could get the direction, visit the website, call or send an email.
  • Service Point: You could easily search for the service point using this feature. There are different options for spare parts.
  • My Calendar: Through my calendar feature, you could easily set the date for an event.
  • Notification: Keep your self updated with the help of the notification option
  • Photos: In the photos option, you can easily upload the pictures.

Working on the app:

Firstly you need to add your vehicle to the garage section given in the app. It will use the date of registration, identification & model number to identify each vehicle. Now a user could add photos and fix the date to schedule an event using the calendar feature. For the spare parts & tasks, you can attach the list.

You could easily hide or show an event to those people with whom you have shared the information. Also, it’s easy to share what you want. As a customer, you can search for a mechanic and as a mechanic, you could create your profile. Customers could easily share their vehicles with a mechanic. When a mechanic will accept the invitation, he will join the shared vehicle and you will be able to see the owner in the garage. The Mechanic will have the authority to schedule an event.

Merits of this app:

The benefit of this app is all about its easy accessing. It increases the value of your vehicle. The sharing of information is very simple using this app. It will also ensure the safety for you and people on the street. This app is beneficial for all vehicle owners and mechanics to grab the smooth operation.

Last words:

Vehicles Cloud is an important and useful app that makes your vehicle maintenance easy. For every vehicle owner, it is now easy to fix an event.

Trigga is a mobile app that gives you a platform of setting up an alarm for Youtube. It supports automated casting to the connected device.

post 4.png

Do you like to wake up daily with the new content of YouTube? Trigga is here to help you with the same. This app is meant for making your day perfect. The app is made for those who like to get notified for daily videos, apps & games. This app will be helpful in availing of a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Apart from the video, you could launch any game or any other app which will be your daily routine. This will support automated casting. The app is useful for all age group persons.

Key Features of Trigga:

  • Choose the Vibrating Pattern: In this option, you could easily select the pattern of vibration you want.
  • Sharing option: You could easily share it on the different social networking platforms.
  • The naming of alarm: A user could easily name the alarm of his or her choice.
  • Simple user interface: The UI of the application is simple enough. This makes this app user-friendly and ideal for use.
  • Accessing the app: A user could easily set the alarm as any other normal app. It’s as simple as setting an alarm on the mobile.
  • Different option: Games, dream diary, games, media, entertainment, socialization & the organization.

Use of Trigga:

Just download the app and install it. Log in with the email ID. Now you could easily set the alarm for your favorite Youtube channel.  The setting of the alarm is just like any other normal alarm app. you can select the chromecast device for which you want your alarm to play. The Youtube video will be played on the phone, in case if you don’t select the casting device.

Why this app is good?

Being simple it is very much user-friendly. One could easily use this application for being notified about daily Youtube. It is customized that makes it more convenient. This makes it good enough to use. It offers so many options like meditation, entertainment, media or the socialization.

This app is also good for those who are unfamiliar with Youtube. For the Youtube creator, this app is helpful in getting the right audience. This will support the waking consciousness with the content. It’s useful for those who don’t have much experience with YouTube.

Last words:

Trigga is a good mobile app that provides the chance of enjoying the notification for daily videos. It’s an easy app that everyone could use. Just download it! It’s FREE!

With the help of advanced technology, it is easy to get the latest news on the mobile device. Applications also play an important role in this strategy. Here I will introduce you to one app named as StoryPie which made specially for those who love to remain updated with the latest story.

The main purpose of this application is to offer all the trending information based on different niche. A user could get information on fashion, entertainment, health alert, lifestyle & many more. Read whatever you like. It’s for every one regardless of age.

Key features:

Current affairs: The option that enables you to get the latest current affair. It also keeps school students to remain updated.

Multiple categories: There are different categories for which related information could get. These categories include entertainment, lifestyle, politics and many more.

Bookmark: With the help of bookmark feature, you could easily pin yourstory and read it later on.

Favourite author profile: You can get the information about the author who made story for you. You can know about your favourite author.

E-paper: In the blog format you could get all news.

Push Notification: With the help of this feature, you can subscribe to get the notification.

Inviting friend: You can easily invite your friend through this feature.

Explore your desired niche: It is easy to explore your favourite topic and get the story on it.

Like any story: You could easily like any story & mark it.

Sharing: You can easily share the story with your friends through other platforms like whatsapp, instagram etc.

How to use it?

The using of this application is easy. Just you need to download and install it. After that, you can sign up and make your account. You will get a story on the home page. Just tap on that and you will be able to read the full story. To get any news on a particular niche you can easily find the topic through explore option.

Why it is unique?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Have all desired feature
  • Offer all latest news
  • Customized application that enable you to choose any topic

Price: The downloading of this app is FREE.

Last word:

StoryPie is an easy platform to fetch the latest information. All those who love to remain updated with latest trend can go for this app. Don’t miss any story now.

Need a good deal? Waiting for your dream seller? Have tried enough and tired also now? An easy to use Price Comparison App bringing the right platform for your deals. Enlisted with many categories, ranging from fashion to electronics, this one of the many available Shopping apps that is portable, free to use and satisfying at the same time.

Serve An Offer’s features

  • Not charging a penny: With Serve, An Offer available as a free app selling and buying is made easy. Simple stuff can be now done from anywhere with the power in portable mobile phones!
  • Easy to use: With the easy to create request steps, you can post your Request on the app. This one brings the collaborative platform to post your selling request, take a look at the potential buyers and even to get your product described in the best 50 characters with enhanced keywords adding a section as well!
  • Segregated Sections make it Easy: With sections like profile, rating the co-business accounts, special categories button helpful in finding categories that could be brought at the best and the most suitable price for you.
  • Experience, rate and Spread the news: Share the app with your friends and bring them along. Rate the sellers making your views as a helpful hand for many!

Last words:  Easy to get across the app makes sure that no fake account is supported on this buy and sell apps. The check is kept using the OTP login system while making sure your posts and the business related information is safe.

Think of some a small video content that can get you right on top of the trending list? If this is your dream then come along, we have some amazing thing curated for you: We RockStar!

Features of We RockStar

  • A smooth and easy to use the app: The touch and feel of this app are made to help you get done with things easily. The app does not acquire too much RAM of your smart device and thus a sure yet safe app for your app tray!
  • Get your content viral with right captions: You have an option to write your own content for the video piece like poetry. There is even an option to make sure the captions are right made with the use of hashtags. These ways even the trending hashtags could be used to make your content go viral easily.
  • Get encouragement while encouraging others: Using the right to comment is a sure way to know what others expect more from your recording talent. Hence while this is a sure way to grow this even helps in encouraging other efforts like Idol songs rising stars.

Last words:

If you have got that talent, which it takes to be the best, then this stage is sure for you. A simple download and a test trial of making video content are all that you need to do! With time things would come in the right manner and there you do! All set to be the Rising stars of this era!

Summary: Even if it sounds very new to you, don’t worry we understand. But also a small step towards your new destiny is worth to be taken, Get on the PlayStore and install the app right now to upload your own songs.

Every parent has a wish that his or her toddler get good learning. The cycle starts with the learning of rhymes and poems. For that books are the first priority but this could be also made easy through using the application called Cheeky Beasts. It is a collection of wacky poems which helps a child to learn with fun.

Features of Cheeky Beasts:

  • No in-app purchasing
  • No adds which make the disturbance
  • Facility to read along with the narrator
  • Educational pop-up
  • Attractive images to help in better understanding
  • Cool graphics
  • Classic sound and music

More about this app:

There are educational pop up on every page of this app. You guys just need to simply download the app and start using it. There is no registration or the making of profile. There are games that your child could enjoy. In that, there are a matching game, spelling making and selecting the right letter. The poems will automatically appear on the screen along with the pictures. Easy using for the understanding of spelling, phonics & rhyming words.

Merits of this app:

  • Kids friendly app which is safe for them
  • Understanding through stories.
  • An amazing platform to offer educational stuff.

Last words:

Cheeky Beasts is the best application for all those who want their kids to learn in a smart way. I would like to recommend this app to every parent. Download it now!!!

Summary: Cheeky Beast is a mobile app through which a kid could easily learn poem and rhymes.

Wheelie King 3


Do you like to ride a bike? Recently one new game app has been launched named as Wheelie King 3. It’s available on the Google Play store. The game is a combination of fun and challenge. One who likes to deal with bike games can have this game as the best choice. It’s fully customized with realistic graphics.

Features of Wheelie King 3

  • Different graphics settings like low& medium
  • Wheelie record
  • Different challenging tracks
  • The Option to sell the vehicle
  • Changing the color of the bike
  • Online leader board to compare your performance with others
  • Play from the off-road to the city road
  • Get the coins
  • The option of mute on & off

Playing the strategy of this game:

To play this game, you just need to download it and install the app. After that choose your own landscape. On pressing on the accelerator icon, the bike will move forward. On pressing down arrow, you will be able to do the stunt. Don’t let your bike fall down or get hit with obstacles as this will lead to game over.

The score will be count on the basis of your drifting and bonus will be given on the basis of stunt. All you need to play the game with care. It’s because if the track is challenging.


Wheelie King 3 is a bike racing game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. It’s a perfect way to pass free time. Download this game and deal with the challenge.

Wheelie King 3