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alphaSXplayer APP REVIEW


The rich featured audio player\recorder with adjustable playback speed and many built-in special effects. The alphaSXplayer is built on low-level iOS components to make use of even more sound effects and features. This incredible range of playback manipulations and sound effects means limitless possibilities and a lot of fun:

# Variable playback rate: Change the audio playback speed without affecting sound quality.
# Custom pitch: Change the music and voice timbre from high to low pitch (think squirrel or Darth Vader).
# Toggle between standard A 440Hz pitch tuning or the more harmonious A 432Hz that lets you hear music (especial classical) as it was imagined by composer. Set the tuning to A 432Hz lets you experiment with the musical timbre considered most favorable for human souls and good health!
# Ten bands equalizer with a variety of presets (classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc.).
# Built-in sound effects: reverberation, distortion, time delay, echo and more, with plenty of presets and adjusted parameters.
# Preamplifier increases sound volume beyond the original setting.
# Build-in voice recorder uses the microphone on your device and stores audio as MP4 files in a subfolder for playback and adding special effects.
# Realistic analogue meters indicate playback and voice recorder level.
# Intuitive dialog interface makes it easy to choose files for editing, adjusting or playing. Selected files appear in an editable playback queue table.

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