Symbolics Puzzle Game App For iPhone and iPad :...

Symbolics Puzzle Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Symbolics is a simple puzzle game challenging your mind with colors and symbols. Place the symbols, fill the tiles, there will be new colors and symbols waiting for you.

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How to Play?
# The goal is placing at least one symbol to all tiles on the board.
# Place the symbols next to each other sharing the same color or symbol.
# Symbols can be placed next to non-empty tiles.
# When you complete a row or column symbols disappear in that row or column. You can continue placing tiles on the completed rows or columns.
# If you can not place a tile, you can use the trash can to skip the symbol, you can only skip 3 symbols in a row.
# You can place the “joker” symbol in any tile available.


# 3 difficulty levels
# 12 colors, 22 symbols
# Compatible with tablets and phones

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