Supportivapp is the best platform where you can share your thoughts easily

Supportivapp is the best platform where you can share your thoughts easily


If you feel sad, stressful, annoyed or lonely then Supportivapp can be the best solution for you. This is an app which provides a platform where you can easily share your thoughts. In other words, it will be right to say that it is the anonymous support group. Well after accessing this app, I feel personally that this can be useful for your emotional help. It is having following features.

Supportivapp Features:

  • There are no ads
  • There is a sharing option
  • You can easily contact the team
  • There is a quiz through which you can check your mental health
  • There are emergency numbers like national suicide prevention hotline, national domestic violence hotline
  • No data for sale

There will be mindfulness content, videos, podcasts and best articles that indicate what’s going on in your life. They do a charge of 15 cents per minute. There is a charging of $9.00 per hour. They also give your money back in case if you don’t get support on the first visit.

How does it work?

There is a natural language processing algorithm in this app. When any user enters the type of struggle, this algorithm routes each user, based on your typed. Like this, you can start your conversation and share your feelings. It’s actually easy to use.


Supportivapp is one of the best applications which I would like highly recommend. I found a unique concept in this application which I never saw before in any other platform. You must download and take an experience once.






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