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Stream Web – A mobile Browser For a Mobile World iPhone App : Review


Stream Web is a mobile browser for a mobile world.

Share web content visually: no URLs, no copy and paste. Instead, share clips of real content that deep link back to the source.

Discover amazing new things in Stream, a visual feed of everything that has been shared by the community.

Everything is built to be used on the go, with an emphasis on minimalist design and a gesture-based interface.

Visual Sharing
# You can cut out anything you see on your screen to share to the community or via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote, or Tumblr.

# An anonymous visual feed of everything anyone has shared on Stream Web.

Your Stream
# Everything you share or save goes into Your Stream, a cascade of clips that you can revisit at any time. Think of it as visual bookmarking.

Full Screen Browsing
# Browse the web without any distractions cluttering your view.

Dual Browsing
# Sometimes one tab at a time is just not enough!
# Now you can browse two sites at the same.

Thumb Friendly
# Whether entering a URL or rearranging tabs, all controls are the bottom of the screen, right under your thumb.

Pull to Refresh
# Refresh a website just like you refresh everything else on your device: pull!

Infinite Tabs
# No limit on how many tabs you can have open.
# Rearrange, switch and close tabs with unprecedented ease.

In Your Pocket
# Save any site or link directly to Pocket.

# Stream Web is available now for both iPad and iPhone.

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