Stereo iPhone App By Andrew Kazmierski : Review

Stereo iPhone App By Andrew Kazmierski : Review


The iPhone’s default music player was designed, fundamentally, long ago.
although it has changed on the surface, its design paradigm has remained the same –
its last major innovation was the original iPod itself!

Stereo presents a new home for your music — because browsing music should be fun.
It features an experience reminiscent of a vinyl record collection, while its purpose was practical from the beginning.
It’s designed to enable much greater felt freedom in choosing music, and to allow the intuition to shine.


=>Designed purposely for choosing & playing music like nothing before

=>Optimized beautifully for many artists

=>Choose music from four distinct layouts, depending on how you feel:
portrait list, landscape chart, zoomed in for album art detail, zoomed out for more artists

=>Pinch to zoom in or to zoom out

=>Only shows artists for which you have albums
designed for the musically passionate — and discography-type libraries.
select from strong lists of choices, from the music you care about

=>Each artist’s albums sorted by your personal popularity — play your favorite albums

Music browsing is more pleasurable and more practical than ever.

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