Stealers Steal Free Game App For iPad : Review

Stealers Steal Free Game App For iPad : Review


Stealers Steal is a game where you play as a thief who is in a quest for gold and who has to constantly evaluate risk and reward in order to retire with the most gold possible.

You will face multiple challenging obstacles that will try to keep you from getting the gold you so desperately seek: doors, cameras, guards, lasers, portals, traps, safes, switches, sensors, remote control panels…

Luckily, you can equip yourself with some amazing and powerful items that will help you in your quest but more importantly, help you avoid getting caught. You can’t seem to be able to get past that camera? No problem, use an EMP charge to momentarily disable or you can just use invisibility or may be look for a remote control panel that controls it and shut it down.

All in all, you have 12 items at your disposal, but there is a catch. There is always a catch! While items will make it easier and less risky, they also draw from the very same gold you are trying to gather. You wouldn’t want to retire with a shameful amount of gold would you!

That being said, getting caught costs you gold and so does buying items. It’s up to you to evaluate risk and reward to finally retire with the most gold possible.

Once you retire, you get to upload the amount of gold you achieved to the leaderboard and see how you fare with other players from around the world.

Good luck with your quest for gold. We hope you will enjoy the game and see you on the leaderboard!

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