StartApp is a monetization and distribution platform :Review

StartApp is a monetization and distribution platform :Review

With a very long history and experience in the mobile advertising platform industry, I must say that out of the very great number of ad networks I have worked with, StartApp is a most pleasant surprise.

To start off, the integration went very smoothly, and I was pleased to see that they expanded support for Swift, whichhad only been announced by Apple a few weeks ago. They also made sure to release their new SDK supporting iOS 8 (and iPhone 6), allowing timefor support questions and preparation prior to the release of Apples iOS 8.

From my experience I am pleased to share my thoughts about StartApp’s, as I feel they are notably unique. Their ad units always have very intricate and carefully chosen design and lively animations, which is quite a welcome change to the mundane static banners, unappealing often boring interstitials that are way too common today.

Just to illustrate what I am on about, you can see an example of the look and feel of their Appwall below:


On top of the simple and well-designed add units, let’s not forget what the bottom line issue is when looking for an ad platform, performance! This is where I feel that StartApp really has an edge. From my stats and comparisons, StartApp ads performed very well, especially in the full page ad category.

Another issue worth mentioning is their constant innovative edge. Let me explain and give an example…

Recently StartApp created a full page add unitthey call the “Return Add”. Displayed when usersreturns to your App pending a time frame of ten minutes or more where they left the App running in the background. This type of innovative advancements create new advertising real-estate for us to benefit from while keeping a very clean and straight forward UX.

Here is what the return add flow looks like:


As for the all mighty eCPM… It is high and steady for my international user base. Nice for us developers looking to generate revenues and extend our profits in an ever growing international market of users. Bottom line, I found their eCPMto be very competitive with a fill rate that is almost 100%.

StartApp dashboard allows for easy daily stat tracking and although payment are net 30, they have never missed a payment to date!

Another feature worth mentioning is the self-serve ad portal. This is a great advantage for small time developers looking for distribution using a small budget. It is super simple and straight forward, and you can create a CPC campaigns very quickly and drive traffic to your new Apps that might need a boost. This is a brilliant method and advantage for devs to monetize their Apps and generate exposure all under one roof.

To sum it all up:


-Original and engaging ad units

-New & innovative add options

-Easy SDK integration

-iOS 8, iPhone 6& Swiftsupport


-iOS still does not have native add unit option, though I am told this is in the works

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