Star Admiral iPhone App:Review

Star Admiral iPhone App:Review


The Empire, Shadow Network and alien Moxxu race are at war and you are caught right in the middle of it! Create the Strongest Fleet the universe has ever seen and prove yourself in battle against other commanders of these mighty factions.

Star Admiral revolutionises Collectible Card Games with 3D units, lightning fast matches and an unchallenged strategic Depth on mobile. Vanquish other players of the same strength by issuing cunning orders to your space ships, setting Deadly traps and playing powerful strikes. Pulverise enemy crafts with ruthless lasers and brutal torpedoes, sabotage your Enemy commander from within or use an artificial black hole to devastate the battlefield. Use clever tactics and tricky Unit combinations to overcome even the strongest enemies and unleash unlimited strategic customisation on your quest To attain the rank of Star Admiral.

# FREE TO PLAY – NOT Pay to Win!
# Collectible Card Game: collect over 100 3D space ships, strikes and traps and assemble the ultimate fleet
# 3 main and 14 side factions with spectacular special effects and unlockable Elite skins
# Achieve victories in quick PvP-Matches to advance to Star Admiral and climb the leader boards
# Skill-based player matching: always play against human or AI enemies that match your level
# Elaborate crafting system: salvage old units to gain new epic and legendary units
# Tactical freedom: command fleet wings with mighty space weapons, use experimental weapons to create anarchy and Confuse your enemy or slip by with an infiltration team in order to turn your opponent’s weapon systems against Themselves!

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