Sports Day Heroes Game For Unlimited Fun Get It FREE !!

Sports Day Heroes Game For Unlimited Fun Get It FREE !!


Endless runner games have become quite popular in recent years. For those who don’t know, endless runner games don’t end. You continuously “run” through the game until an obstacle stops you with the point being to achieve the highest possible score. Their quick play, addicting nature, and simple controls make them an accessible genre that virtually anyone can pick up and play.

Sports Day Heroes by Space Crescent LLC is an enjoyable app for IPhone and IPad users. Although the app is free and available to enjoy for all users, it has some in-app purchases for those who want a premium experience. So, if you find In-app ads annoying, you can get them removed at just 2.99$. You can also purchase extra try at 0.99$ while you are at play. The app occupies 23.7 MB space in your phone so you need not worry about high space consuming apps which often result in slow pace of the phone.

Although the app is advised for 9+ age group, it can easily be played by 5+ kids as well who like 2-D games. The game is accessible even without the internet after you download it. However, internet is required if you want to update your scores to share with your friends on the leader board. Lets play now !!



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