SpiderPig New Social Networking App For iPhone and iPad...

SpiderPig New Social Networking App For iPhone and iPad : Review



SpiderPig is a new kind of messenger app created by Manxs Interim Partners B.V.. This app stands out because of its genuine real-time GPS properties in combination with a messenger.


Let your contact list come to life on your smartphone. With SpiderPig you can see multiple contacts from your contact list walking around on your smartphone. Friends, families, business contacts and others can be chosen anytime you wish. You may also switch the GPS on and off anytime.
Furthermore the app is very user-friendly, it takes just one tap to switch “from chat to map” or “from map to chat”!

With SpiderPig you are able to;

# Message
# Send photo’s
# Voice messaging
# See group/chat info
# Set GPS on/off per chat
# Create and change your own profile photo
# Create and change your username
# Create a group chat
# See how close by your contacts are
# See the country / city where your contacts are

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