Spendbook – Personal Finance Tracker iPhone : Review

Spendbook – Personal Finance Tracker iPhone : Review


Spendbook is a beautiful app for tracking your expenses and income. With its elegant and uniquely designed user interface, Spendbook makes the process of managing your personal finance an enjoyable experience.

Main features:
Expense and income tracking
=> Add a transaction in seconds – perfect when you are on the go!
=> Take a note and snap a photo to help better manage your transactions.

Intuitive charts
=> Beautiful interactive charts.
=> Break down your spending into categories and subcategories to get a deep insight into your finance.

Informative calendar
=> Your everyday expenses and income summarized in a calendar.
=> Browse through the calendar to see how much you spent in the past.

Multiple accounts
=> Set up multiple accounts and switch between them with ease.
=> See the stats of all your accounts in one place, managing your accounts can never be so easy!

Editable categories with subcategories
=> Customize the set of expense/income categories according to your preferences.
=> Organize transactions into subcategories to get a more granular breakdown of your spending habits.

=> Swipe left to right to reveal the sidebar.
=> Swipe down in the home view to add a new transaction; swipe up to see the date bar.
=> Swipe down/up on the date bar to show/hide the calendar.
=> Tap a category icon in the chart view to see the stats of its subcategories.

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