Space Mousy For iPhone and iPad : Review

Space Mousy [Paid version – no ads] For iPhone and iPad : Review


*This is the paid version of Space Mousy in which you are served zero ads

Fly into outer space and explore it’s mysteries.

Space Mousy is a fun and addictive game in which you are the main character: Mousy.
A cute yet devilish mouse flying into outer space and you must help him to avoid the comets and reach the highest distance. But be prepared for the occasional shakes and spacy objects!

Unlock new characters by reaching higher distances.
Every new character is equipped with higher speeds, more lives and other helpful ways to help you in outer space.


– Use your finger to slide Mousy around the screen and avoid the comets

It’s simple as that!

Login with game center, save your best score and show your friends who’s the best!

Have Fun!
MaakMijnApp GameDivision Team


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