SoundsLike? Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

SoundsLike? Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Graphic soundboard for toddlers

This entertaining and educational game, stimulates your kid in discovering and associating high quality Cartoons and drawings with real-life HD images and their matching sounds.

In this version, the internationally universal app, gives your toddler a selection of 40 different animals With their sounds divided into 5 categories…
By tapping a cartoon they hear the associated sound and see the image of the animal.

It is a fantastic application to develop your kids knowledge and motoric skills in a fun and visual Entertaining way.
It is the perfect app for toddlers from 12 months to listen to the different sounds, get to know them and Associate them with an object, animal, or behavior …

We are working on other categories and pictures, such as musical instruments and vehicles and will add Them in future updates

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