Snupps – Your stuff, organized iPhone App:Review

Snupps – Your stuff, organized iPhone App:Review


Organize all the stuff you own and cherish with Snupps, the simplest and easiest tool for keeping track of your stuff.

To start using Snupps, just take a picture (or pictures) of an item, add a few details if you want, and store it on a virtual shelf. Need more shelves? Add a new shelf whenever you want, for whatever you want.

Snupps is useful for organizing all the stuff that matters to you:

#  Collectibles
# Valuables and artwork
# Creations
# Keepsakes
# Gadgets
# Clothing and accessories
# Purchases, warranties and receipts
# Moving, packing and storage
# Insurance and inventory

Some of your stuff you will want to keep private. Some of your stuff you may want to show to others. Snupps lets you do both!

Want to see what others are sharing? Find people with similar interests? Learn what they think about their own stuff? Snupps lets you socialize around the stuff you and others care about most. Follow what other Snuppers are doing. Leave comments on their stuff.

Of course, because your stuff is important to you, Snupps gives you easy export of any and all information you store. Press a button to get a PDF, a spreadsheet, or a ZIP file of your stuff.

You can access your stuff from your iPhone or iPad, or from any web browser at We keep your information safe in Amazon’s data cloud behind our firewalls, and sync it across your devices using encrypted SSL network connections. All your stuff and the details around it are completely private, unless you specifically choose to share them.

Key Features:

# Easily capture key stuff in your life from your valuables and inventory to your collections and creations.
# Organize your items onto multiple virtual shelves with our easy to use drag & drop feature.
# Add item details, from purchase records to descriptions you don’t want to forget.
# Keep track of big-ticket items for insurance purposes for your home or business.
# Never lose your stuff when you’re moving. Catalog your packing list so nothing gets left behind.
# Have your stuff at your fingertips everywhere. Our applications sync seamlessly via the cloud.
# Follow your friends’ stuff using our invite a friend and newsfeed features. Never miss out on their shared collections.
# Rate and review your stuff and tell the world about it. Share your public stuff on Facebook, Twitter, email and more.
# Pick privacy options that suit you. Shelves are private by default unless you make them public.
# Backup your data to your computer or export your shelves to PDF.
# Turn off social features to increase your privacy. Change your account settings to completely private to disable all public activity.
# Find inspiration by exploring the public collections of others like you.

Download the app today and begin organizing and socializing around your stuff!

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