Snoop Proof Utilities App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Snoop Proof Utilities App For iPhone and iPad : Review


How many times have you left your device unattended for only a few minutes, only to wonder if someone had “snooped” through your device? Whether it’s your spouse, your significant other, friend or co-worker; you device is your personal window to your life and the world you interact with. Whether you are curious of who may be snooping or trying to prove with “proof” that someone is accessing your device without your knowledge for whatever reason; Snoop Proof can provide those answers and the proof to back it, in a seamless, stealth application. You can prove your case because the “Proof” is in the app!

Here is how it works:

Once the APP is installed and setup on your iOS device, you simply activate the APP and walk away. If someone tries to access your device’s APPS (photos, messages, email, whatever) the APP will take a picture of them, log the APPs they tried to access, all date and time stamped, plus their location on a map! The APP prevents access to any of your APP’s! You can even have this information and picture emailed to you as well. Imagine if your device is stolen and every time they try to access your device, it takes their picture and sends out the GPS coordinates! Not only can you locate your device, but now you know WHO has it! The PROOF is in the APP !!!!!

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