SMING is the best place to broadcast Live KPOP

SMING is the best place to broadcast Live KPOP


I love KPOP and additionally I like to broadcast it. To complete this passion I was looking for a platform and it’s my luck that I get SMING platform. It’s a complete package for those who love to engage in KPOP. In this review, I tell you each and everything so keep continue with it.

Before proceeding, let’s see some of the features of this app.

App Features:

  • SMING chart – This feature will let you know what is popular in KPOP and check out how much your favorite song is popular.
  • Live session – There is a live session at which you can show what you grab.
  • Chat– Chat with streamers and fellow KPOP fans

Availability: SMING is available at Google play and iOS both

It’s an open source as anyone can become streamer in case if you love KPOP.  It also provides a facility to join the live session. It covers dance, songs and even you can give your opinion. It’s my personal advice to use this platform if you guys love KPOP.  Even you can also check what is popular in KPOP through its chart.  There is live interaction through which you can chat with a streamer.




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