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Smart Length – Electronic Ruler Free Utilities App For iPhone : Review


NOTE: The measurement movement has to be quick and consistent, slow speed will affect results.

Like never before, use your phone as a precise electronic ruler just by combining your phone’s Accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer together with the magic of our inertial technology, measuring Distances starting from 1 centimeter!

Smart Length process your phone’s linear motion data in order to convert it to specific readable Measurements either in centimetres and meters or inches and feet giving you the possibility to Measure any object with a very acceptable error.

The measurement range is starting from 1 centimetre up to 2 meters; Theoretically there is no limit, But in average, is the longest consistent movement that a human being can correctly do without Stopping or losing velocity in a straight line, which is a requisite for the application in order to get Legitimate and representative data. Of course, if you can maintain the consistency at higher distances, Great! it will work, making it the perfect solution for relatively short distances that can not be Estimated with GPS due to it’s high error at little longitudes, compared with the acceptable 10% of Smart Legth, with its proper use.

Download this great utility in order to complement your phone with the capability to turn into an Electronic ruler!

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