Slimmy iOS App Help To Control Your Weight & Simply Balance

Slimmy iOS App Help To Control Your Weight & Simply Balance


Are you too skinny or overweight? Do you want to track your weight and keeping it constant over time?
Do you want to know your ideal weight? Slimmy will do it for you!

To control your weight is not enough a simply balance, you have to change your eating habits and learn about different factors such as Body Mass Index, the protein factor and the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

The protein factor varies depending on physical activity performed while the BMR allows us to know how many calories consumes every day our body to rest and, consequently, monitoring calorie intake can we lose, check or raise our weight.

All this is contained in the new application Slimmy.

Slimmy is the first pocket full color balance in the world that indicates the optimum weight to be reached, calculates the Body Mass Index, protein factor, the basal metabolic rate by entering the weight, height, and selecting a man or woman.

The balance in the respective tab comes with background color based on the results. The white color indicates a healthy weight reached expressed as a percentage.

Slimmy also calculates the body mass index showing the minimum weight and the maximum weight that falls within the range defined “normal weight.” All this is available with a very nice color graphic interface.

Define the weight goal to reach and uses the balance regularly. Subsequently save your results in the book of the ideal weight to check over time.

Slimmy is a reliable and precise balance. Following his advice you can control your weight.

Whether you want to lose, maintain or increase your weight Slimmy is the perfect application for you.

Fun to share a percentage of your target weight with your friends.

# calculates the healthy weight as a percentage and the weight in kilograms to lose or gain to achieve it
# share the healthy weight with your friends
# calculation and verification of the Body Mass Index with respective weight category
# calculation of the protein factor
# list of 250 protein foods with respective quantities of protein
# calculation of the basal metabolic rate
# list of 250 calorie foods with their calories
# function searches and filters food
# calculation of minimum weight and maximum weight that falls within the range defined “normal weight”
# saving, viewing and deleting results in the diary of weight

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