Slek HD Game App For iPad : Review

Slek HD Game App For iPad : Review


Slek is a totally new unique game about motion, control and reaction, which offers a playing experience never found before on a tablet computer.

You’ll control a ball through the ‘Slinger’, which simulates an elastic rubber band. By using the ‘Slinger’ you may shoot the ball in different directions, catch it or make it bounce. Just make sure that you don’t loose it…

You’ll need to master challenges of several difficulties and earn achievements before you reach the expert state.

Slek’s design is – other than in the vast majority of games – clear and minimalistic, yet challenging.

Slek offers two playing modes:

# Sixty training scenes (more coming soon) with increasing levels of difficulty. You need eliminate targets, avoid black holes and get along with spinning bouncers.

# Enter the competition level and try to outperform your friends in Game Center in playing Slek’s dynamic basketball challenge. You have three minutes to score as often as possible, but be careful: don’t loose your ball!

features :

# GameCenter enabled – share your results through GameCenter and invite friends for a challenge!
# Multi-player mode (Local Players and GameCenter players)
# Social Media enabled – share your high scores immediately
# Demo Mode: get hints on how to solve scenes efficiently.

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