skyler your virtual style assistent to help you dressup according to...

skyler your virtual style assistent to help you dressup according to weather


Skyler is the world’s first true fashion-weather app.
A visual weather experience unlike any other, Skyler delivers inspiring, accurate styling suggestions based on your local weather conditions, to help you get ready for the day.

No more headaches trying to wrap your mind around how to dress for the constantly changing weather. Skyler takes into account a variety of factors to deliver precise weatherwear recommendations: from apparent temperature, to chance of rain, to time of day and even wind speed! Just open Skyler when you’re getting ready, get inspired, and go.

Featuring curated, fully styled looks from hundreds of the world’s top brands and designers (Saint Laurent, Gucci, D&G), your weather has never looked this good. With fresh new looks everyday, Skyler is sure to keep you inspired and looking good, rain or shine. Plus, everything is shoppable. So that cool metallic raincoat you spotted can be hanging in your closet just in time for the next big rain!

Skyler features:- 
# Futuristic design featuring full screen people
# Fresh new looks everyday
# For guys and girls
# Shop everything you see
# Notifies you of the next big rain
# Clear view of the week to come
# Hour by hour chance of rain
# Switch between Celcius and Farenheit

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