My Size – BMI, Weight & Body Measurement Tracker iPhone App :...

My Size – BMI, Weight & Body Measurement Tracker iPhone App : Review


My Size – BMI, Weight & Body Measurement Tracker allows users to easily enter and track their Body Measurements, Weight, Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index on a daily basis

# Enter and Track changes in Weight & Body Measurements
# Choose Weight in Kilos (Kgs), Stones & Pounds (St + Lbs) or Pounds (Lbs)
# Automatic BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator
# Auto/Manual Body Fat Percentage
# Reminder Feature – Never forget to update your measurements
# New, enhanced tracker graph with weight losses and gains

BMI – My Size saves your height and weight, and automatically calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), which determines your ideal weight. It shows you your BMI category and whether you are considered normal, overweight or underweight.

Body Fat Percentage – Your Body Fat Percentage is calculated automatically using your input body measurements. Enter manually for better accuracy.

Regularly enter your body measurements and track your progress over time with automatically-generated tracker graphs. This app is ideal for those looking to track weight loss and muscle gain.

All you need is a tape measure and some scales!
Whether you are doing training at home or gym, P90x or Insanity, Running or Cycling, Yoga or Pilates, My Size can help anyone track their improvements regularly.

My Size - BMI logog
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