Sirved : Cravings And Menu Have A Beautiful Destination Now!

Sirved : Cravings And Menu Have A Beautiful Destination Now!

With more than 4, 00,000 restaurants on the list, Sirved has been trying to help people find their ideal food place. Combining all the various luncheons menu, dinner options and personalized cravings, Sirved delights in bringing help across the North America.

Features to satisfy your food relishes

  • It’s FREE: The team of Sirved believes suggestions are free and should always be! You only pay for the food you enjoy with this freely available app on PlayStore and Apple Store.
  • An easy signup process: Who is not on social media handle? Use your pre-made account to login with Sirved also.
  • NO more nudging all the time: It allows to set the preferences to be notified or not. Hence replying only when asked. Playing a good child to be kept along in the App Tray!
  • Are you also looking for options? If yes, then this app has a lot more options ranging from cuisines to your favorite cravings. Simply pick the few of your interest while installing the app ranging from the cuisines to the cravings like vegetables or apple pie!
  • Discover it all with Discover: The app has search options as per budget, time, dietary needs along with the cravings and cuisine. We understand the pain of finding a dish only to know the restaurant is closed. We cover you here with our Open Now option in the filters along with our three ways of result presentation: List view, Photos view and Map view.
  • A chance to Help: Wit the option of contribute, you can pull up your genuine rating and reviews about a food place. You can use anything like pictures of the food or the restaurant, can tell about a menu or can even add a new and exciting place that has been hidden from us!

Last words:  Still can’t get over the appealing dish you saw last online? Only if you knew what it is named as! Sirved has got you covered. With the new launch, Sirved allows to search for your ideal platter using the images. Scroll through the favorites as marked by you. We would love to hear from you and so we give an option to contact us from the Profile option.



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