Sikagami Free Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Sikagami Free Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Are You ready to unlimited battle, with tons of monsters and creatures?
Sikagami is unlimited RPG-Puzzle game, with up to 999 player levels, 5 locations with different difficulty and over 30 types of enemies! And of course there is a multiplayer, so you can take your friend or find somebody over the internet and beat heam in turn based PvP!

– 999 player levels. You will be real legend!
– 5 locations with different types of enemies. Explore them all!
– Over 30 types of enemies. Every enemy has his special ability!
– 9 player skills. Create Your personal Hero!
– 9 player classes. Choose who You are!

– Turn based PvP multiplayer. Beat Your friend in turn based puzzle mode!
– 11 leaderboards. Show the world who is the best!
– 30 great achievements.

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