Shutter by StreamNation – Camera with unlimited free storage iPhone App: Review

Shutter by StreamNation – Camera with unlimited free storage iPhone App: Review


StreamNation introduces Shutter, the Infinite Camera – the first camera app that gives you an unlimited camera roll with smart storage management, unlimited sharing, several filter choices, album management, and background upload.

Regain control over your storage space!
With Shutter, take millions of photos and videos without using any space on your device. Directly upload your media to the cloud knowing that Shutter’s smart offline management ensures you have access to the most recent 200 photos and videos anytime and offline too.

Unlimited sharing!
Shutter believes life is better when unlimited. Share thousands of photos and videos all at once by email, privately or on social networks. Memories – yours and the ones your friends share with you – are beautifully displayed in the new Infinite Photo Stream.

# Take and store unlimited photos and videos of any length directly in the cloud. Never worry again about your phone’s storage.
# Share hundreds of photos and videos privately or on social networks all at once, knowing you can still revoke access at anytime.
# Display your memories and the ones your friends share in the beautiful Infinite Photo Stream timeline.
# Choose from our custom filters.
# Download any media for offline viewing.
# Back up all your iOS images and videos securely.
# Watch your videos on your TV with AirPlay or Chromecast.

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