Showy By Luis J Izquierdo Vicente : Review

Showy By Luis J Izquierdo Vicente : Review



=>The Next Web: “If you love nothing more than sitting in front of the TV, armed with a bottle of wine and a box-set, well, this app could be right up your alley.”

=>3, 2, 1… Grab a sit, make yourself comfortable, the show is about to start.

=>Introducing Showy, a really beautiful TV shows app that will change the way you watch them.

=>With Showy you’ll always know which is the next episode you have to watch or if your favorite TV series has just released a new episode. An episodes tracker app, done the right way.

=>Your own TVShows profile: MyShowy is the place where people will see what shows you follow.

=>Showy does sync all your info between multiple devices.

=>You’ll be notified when a new episodes comes up.

=>We have over 30k TV Shows, you’ll find what you want.

=>Listen the theme song of your shows right from the app.

=>You’ll have a History (yes, like the one in your browser) with all the episodes you’ve watched and the day you did.

=>Don’t know what to watch? Just go to Trends and see if you like something.

=>Sharing has never been this easy, you don’t have nothing to do. Just enable ‘automatically tweet’ in Settings and we’ll manage everything.

=>And a lot more we want you to discover. So, what are you waiting for?

We are sure you’ll love it.

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